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StJohn Deakins, CitizenMe: “Citizens should own their data, control when and how they share it, and see the benefits of doing so”

With the growing amount of personal and highly sensitive information shared online, it’s as important as ever to establish sophisticated protections in place. One of the most popular tools for online privacy is a VPN. However, it can’t protect you against every form of data collection, urging businesses to adopt ethical practices which allow you to decide how and when…

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The Challenge of Defining Personal Data

This interview clip from Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’ focuses on the current challenges in defining personal data. Is there a problem in defining what personal data is right now? We have this increasing amount of data – the question is, what do you do with it? Where do you put it?…

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Our Story

We are honoured to have been selected for Wonk Bridge’s upcoming article ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’. As part of Wonk Bridge’s article, CitizenMe’s piece will showcase the ways in which people and start-ups are looking to change the current state of data disenfranchisement. You can read how we are disrupting a million dollar businesses or…

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Rip it Up, Start Again

We were very excited to see our founder StJohn Deakins ripping it up at the Rip It Up@Paddington Works, a London Tech Week event on June the 13th! CitizenMe joined a panel of entrepreneurs who have built disruptive and innovative products and services demonstrating how ‘tech’ is used to create a dynamic shift in human behaviour. Ripping it up After selling…

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AI, CitizenMe and You (long read version)

In this combined piece of 7 blog posts, we explain what Artificial Intelligence does, why it’s so useful for us all, what we’re doing at CitizenMe – and what this means for you. Introduction What Exactly Is AI? Can AI Read or Hear? (Chat Bots & Voice Assistants) Can AI Move? (Smart Robots) Can AI See? (Observing the World) Can…

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AI, CitizenMe and You – Part 5: Can it See?

Can a computer identify what it sees in an image or in a video?  If so, then it’s using computer vision and image processing. Computer vision includes object tracking, face recognition, and augmented reality (overlaying animated images onto a live video feed, like Pokemon Go.) This can enable faces or objects to be recognised, and also add routes or instructions…

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A Solid Welcome To Tim Berners Lee from All Of Us At CitizenMe

This weekend Sir Tim Berners Lee posted One Small Step…, announcing the commercialisation of SOLID, a personal data store concept that he and a team at MIT Labs have been working on for a few years.  ‘Professionalisation’ is an important contribution to the personal data movement and marketplace. Whilst the choice of technology may be debatable (and it usually is with…

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Data is Water 3: Water is pure (oil is processed)

People say that our data is “the new oil” but in reality crude oil is, well… crude. It’s not usable in it’s natural state so we refine it, ‘crack’ it and process it to make consumable products for industry and humans. These products damage us and damage our environment. When we consume, we pollute. Our human data is increasingly a reflection of…

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Ripping It Up

The Transcript from StJohn talking on the RipItUp – Start Again | Episode 1 yesterday.  A new monthly TV show from Disruptive.Live about Entrepreneurs who are reinventing marketplaces with technology. I love the Internet. In the 90’s I helped international newspapers and companies like British airways and T-Mobile shift to digital. In the noughties I helped the last billion people get on the…

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Data is Water 2: Water is abundant (oil is scarce)

At the end of 2017 I posted Data Is The New Water in the Huffington Post. The way that we frame our language about ‘humans and data’, our new digital reality, will have a major impact on the way the internet develops for us, as humans. We had many requests to expand on the theme and each of the ‘seven…

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Data is the new Water I: Water gives life (oil takes it)

At the end of 2017 we posted Data Is The New Water in the Huffington Post, describing how the way we frame our language about ‘human data’ can have a major impact on the way the internet develops for us, as humans. We had so many requests to expand each of the ‘seven seas of data’ items of the ‘Data…

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