Fast & Agile

Live, always-on, in-the-moment surveys

Real people with a rich variety of fully permissioned data, plus a market-leading suite of consumer insight and market research question types: from swipe questions to psychometrics to prototype testing.

Payment is pay-as-you-go and direct to the ‘Citizen’ (respondent) for full transparency, with complete two-way anonymity. We’ve now simplified the pricing for you too.


  • Makes consumer research as easy as a Google search.
  • Always-on access to real information, directly from real people.
  • Get answers in minutes – most data surveys complete fast!
  • Data and insights arrive in your dashboard live, while the data survey is running.
  • Deep data conversations with almost 300,000 Global Citizens.
  • Advanced Q&A access to 110million respondents through partners.
  • 70% of the fee goes direct to real (KYC-verified) respondents – our Citizens.
  • Pay-as-you-go, whenever and wherever you need to access truth.

Unique Functionality

Comprehensive Question Types and Templates

A full suite of all the consumer research question types that you’d expect. For example: single choice, multiple choice, a variety of pre-formatted rating scales, and open text input.


  • Ever wonder what people really feel and do? We’ve created the love child of Tinder and in-the-moment research to help you find out! Measure gut reactions in a snap!
  • Simply add multiple images and text for Citizens to provide their impulsive binary positive or negative response (which you can update too).
  • The key advantage is that you are able to tap directly into people’s ‘system 1’ thinking – instinctive decision-making that gets far closer to real-life behaviour.
  • Your results are displayed in a simple-to-read bar chart, allowing you to quickly surface insights with a simple scan down the images and chart.
  • Within our click-of-a-button Excel data, you can find the swiped answers crossed-tabbed against all the other data and answers in your survey.

Over 150 DATA TYPES – example Apps

  • There are over 3.5 billion smartphones in the world today – with billions and billions of apps downloaded across all of these different devices.
  • App usage reveals people’s real behaviours and content preferences. You can now ask people to share which apps they have currently downloaded on their phone.
  • We have started with a curated list of the top apps across both Android and iOS devices in the UK & USA.
  • And you can add ANY app or list of apps to the list that you wish – just ask us and we will add it to an update.
  • The best part: not only can you get an output of apps used across a group of respondents; you can also select audiences based on specific apps that they have installed. Want to know the key demographics of your app users, or better understand the users of a competitor’s app? Well, now you can – instantly!

Other data available includes social media, streaming content usage, car records, UK/US census data, financial products, health information.

Image & Video Concept Questions

  • Need to know what people think of a new product concept or a new marketing video? You can easily add this to any question type we have.
  • Add in a simple pre-media text, letting people know a little more about what they might see next, the context of use, or the purpose of the product or brand.
  • Display the image or video and ask questions of any type and in any format that you choose.
  • We support Jpeg, MP4 and GIFs for your media. Images can be shown for up to 20 secs and your videos can be shown full length.
  • You can add as many concept questions as you wish!
  • Combine impulse (swipe) and deliberative (rank or verbatim) questions to deeply understand reactions, and to predict the most likely behaviours.

In-App Psychometrics

  • We have built a powerful array of academic-grade psychometrics for you to really get to know Citizens.
  • We have added in self-reporting tests from leading academic papers: multiple personality indicators plus niche scales (Green-aware, are they thrill-seekers, etc).
  • Strong API integration to bring in third party expert rating scales such as Maslow’s ‘Cultural Values’ & Cambridge University’s Psychometric Centre.
  • Each psychometric scale is completed within the app, ‘Citizen First’, and stored on the Citizen’s phone – You can’t get more secure than that!
  • As we store this on their phone, it means that you don’t need to ask Citizens to answer the same core personality questions again… and again… and… (it gets a little repetitive… right 🙂).
  • Situationally-specific scales are updated by context.

In-App Test Link

  • Testing your links is not only a nice-to-have, it is an essential part of the set-up of your Data Survey.
  • The look and feel of the Data Survey to Citizens is critical to the quality of the answers you get back.
  • We have created a simple test-link mechanism where you get a dummy link to the survey you have just created – just like a Citizen would.
  • The link is swiftly sent to your email inbox where you can quickly access your draft-survey inside the app.
  • You can also pass the survey onto 5 other people for them to review, check and provide feedback.
  • The best part – you can do this as many times as you want. TEST, RE-TEST, SEND!