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We like to share all sorts of interesting insights back to our Citizens, it helps us grow, communicate and learn together.


We like to share all sorts of interesting insights back to our Citizens, it helps us grow, communicate and learn together.

Imagine if you could…do user-testing and get results in minutes.

What is CitizenMe? It helps you Learn –> Build –> Measure CitizenMe is a ground-breaking, ethical platform that uses Zero Party Data technology to protect Citizen’s data privacy. As a result, we have created a base of Citizens who trust CitizenMe and are always engaged 24/7. But, in a completely counter-intuitive way, CitizenMe does it by […]

Imagine if you could…find your ideal customer

It’s possible with CitizenMe It’s crazy how hard it is to figure out who your ideal customer is. It should be simple, right? For example, you work at a company that sells pet insurance. Surely everyone who has a dog wants to buy your pet insurance? However, if you work in marketing, product development, or […]

‘Zero Data’ leader CitizenMe raises $2m to fund mission to “fix the internet”

London, UK. 9:00am GMT, 26 October 2021 CitizenMe has announced an investment of $2 million in a round led by the North East Venture Fund (NEVF), supported by the European Regional Development Fund, and managed by Mercia, with participation from 1818 Venture Capital. The money will fund its mission to “fix the internet” and become […]

Teens, Tennis, the Taliban, and our Global Citizen Future.

Watching the US Open Tennis finals last night was to witness a change in epoch. Two teenage girls played sublime tennis to break through on one of the world’s biggest sporting stages. It marked what Martina Navratilova called a ‘changing of the guard’ moment in women’s tennis.   But as they gave their composed acceptance […]

Privacy, Personalisation, Choice, and the Jingle-Jangle Fallacy.

We get very confused about the word ‘Privacy’. The problem is that the word privacy can mean two very different things – there’s our everyday real life definition of privacy, and then there’s the online definition of privacy. In academic circles, this confusion over the meaning of words is known as the ‘Jingle-Jangle Fallacy’. The […]

Mozilla spotlights CitizenMe as leading the way in building ’empowered data’

We are delighted to have been cited as a leader in the data space by Mozilla in their report into alternative futures for ethical data governance.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship in the Age of Human Data “Where are you from?” It’s one of the first questions asked when people first meet. The answer is often where we are born, where we live, or where we have citizenship. ‘Citizen’ noun[ C ]UK  /ˈsɪt.ɪ.zən/ US  /ˈsɪt̬.ə.zən A person who is a member of a particular country and who has rights because of being born there or because of being given rights, or […]

Revealing Your Perfect Career

New CitizenMe private Insight: Vocational Interests (CVIS) What career best fits you?  Most of us have tasks that we enjoy doing, whatever our industry or our job title. The key to finding a career that interests us is to match our fundamental interests and our working style with our occupation. When it ‘clicks’, some people […]

Lockdown 2.0: Your Top TV Show Recommendations!

We’re now a couple of weeks into Lockdown 2.0 across the UK. Many other nations are currently in, or entering, winter (and summer) COVID restrictions too, but there seems to be renewed hope that a vaccine is coming soon…fingers crossed! 🤞  As promised in ‘Lockdown 2.0: Your Top Movie Recommendations!’ 🎬  we’re coming back to […]

Lockdown 2.0: Your Top Movie Recommendations!

It’s official – the UK is heading into a second national lockdown as of the 5th November 2020! (Yes, that’s tonight!). Many other nations are also in the process of battling COVID-19 and enforcing restrictions on Citizens’ lives, so millions of people will be staying within the four walls they call home for the foreseeable […]

CitizenMe in The Economist

It’s been fantastic to see The Economist Schumpeter Column picking up on the potential of the new Personal Data economy in recent months. In September… The column talked about the fate of TikTok, the short-video social media app. And the potential for it’s potential new American shareholders to rethink social-media business and governance models. TikTok […]

It’s True ☑️ : Beavers eating cabbage can help reduce your stress!

After extensive (non!) scientific testing among our wonderful community (yes, that includes you), we can confirm that watching a cute mammal crunching cabbage appears to reduce stress for many people 🙏 How stressed do you feel after watching this video? A cute animal video going viral across the Internet is, let’s be honest, hardly remarkable! […]

CitizenTrust: Data By The People For The People

A Path To Global Direct Democratic Governance Of Our Data: Individual Empowerment With Collective Governance. A Global Digital Citizenry Over three billion humans are now connected to the Internet. At least another billion will join us through this decade. For the first time, the majority of humanity is connected to a single global digital network. […]

Clash Of The Digital Titans: Apple Takes Trust ‘Premium’

Apple Positions For Privacy And Trust Against Google – But Facebook And AdTech Are The Losers. Last week the digital Titans clashed again – and in the next few months we’ll all have a ringside seat as the impact is revealed.

The Future of Data is ‘Zero Data’

We are on the cusp of a global transformation: it will be unlocked when billions of people choose to connect their data together with complete trust and for fair value. When this happens, we’ll all realise the true personal, economic and societal wealth that our new digital era has the potential to provide. We’re at […]

Fact or Fiction: The Myths of Yoga (Are Yogis Really That Zen?)

What goes around comes around, right?  Life is a spiral: ideas, trends and practices never really change; rather, humanity finds a way to ‘recycle’ what is known to be popular.  Yoga is no exception. Depending on different philosophical schools, elements of yoga date back from 2,000 to 10,000 years ago. Symbolising the union between body and […]

Updates To CitizenMe Terms & Conditions (Our Mutual Rights & Obligations)

Hello all, We’ve done a general tidy up of our CitizenMe Mutual Terms and Conditions (& Privacy Policy) for Citizens. We have lots of new functionality arriving in the next couple of months (more news on this later! 🙂 ) so now is a good time for a review of the terms. You can view […]

My daughter made me cry this week

Yes, I cried when I read what my daughter had sent me this week. And I wasn’t sure why.  The writing is beautiful. It is a short, poignant description of a very human moment in a First World War trench. An assignment from her English teacher to “describe this picture” (a WW1 trench), written so […]

Your New Digital Superpower

You have a new superpower. It’s hidden. It’s yours to claim. It will increasingly describe who we are, not only to others, but more profoundly, to ourselves too. Our memories shape who we are: our experiences, our loves and losses, our achievements and failures, our moments of joy, despair, anguish, ecstasy, boredom, revelation, realisation, delight […]

The Gender ‘Play’ Gap

With several big sport events around the corner, such as the Olympic Games and Six Nations Rugby, we wanted to explore a topical, recurring and pertinent topic: the gender of sports.  We asked our UK audience – both females and males – about their attitudes toward sport. We wanted to investigate whether the common perception […]

Digital Memories (pt4): Understanding Ourselves

In the last three posts we’ve covered a few points. Firstly, we have expanded on why personal data is like a memory. Secondly, we have seen that whenever we choose to share data, we should be thinking of it as sharing our personal memories. Thirdly, we have looked at what this all means commercially.  But […]

It’s not you, it’s me: Changing Generational Attitudes Towards Valentine’s Day

On the 14th of February of every year, most continents celebrate what we know as ‘Valentine’s Day’. This day is widely celebrated and known to be one of the biggest days for spending in both the United States and United Kingdom. After all these years, it seems that Valentine’s Day still holds a significant place […]

2020: The Silo Wars Intensify. And Your Personal Data?

Creating a more #sustainabledata ecosystem. Techcrunch has reported that in 2020 Facebook will launch a new Operating System to protect itself against competitors such as Google. And so the ‘Silo Wars’ Intensify. Along with the state ‘balkanisation’ of the Internet, the proliferation of Operating Systems is part of a broader trend. The attempt to contain […]

What does Emotional Intelligence look like?

While a lot of people will have heard of Emotional Intelligence, not many will know how to spot it in themselves and others. To some people the idea is repulsive, to others it is a way to become more authentic and true to who we really are. Discussions about Emotional Intelligence (EI) scale can itself […]

What is CitizenMe all about?

This interview clip from Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’ focuses on the power of sharing your own personal data. The problem is that data shouldn’t be seen as being owned by individuals, but rather it should be seen as being shared between individuals as if it was […]

Satisfied or Disappointed? Ask The Brits

Are you happy with your life? It seems impossible to answer this question by simply using ‘yes’ or ‘no’, right? We know from experience how easy it is to get disappointed over small things when they don’t go the way we initially planned them to go. Perhaps it is difficult to identify one major event […]

The Challenge of Defining Personal Data

This interview clip from Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’ focuses on the current challenges in defining personal data. Is there a problem in defining what personal data is right now? We have this increasing amount of data – the question is, what do you do with it? […]

Growing interest in CitizenMe

This interview clip from Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’ focuses on the current GDPR environment and the business world’s response to it.  In the last half year, we’ve had large organisations and countries approaching us to use our technology with their own communities, citizens and customers. We […]

What benefit does CitizenMe data offer businesses?

CitizenMe’s focus is on empowering digital citizens with their data. But in so doing, we know that we are also enabling organisations to build stronger relationships with their consumers by enabling ethical data exchanges. These are four benefits that our clients will get: Getting on board with ethical research is beneficial to organisations for two […]

Who can you speak to through the CitizenMe platform?

We connect you with virtually any research audience in the world. We have a growing base of over a quarter of a million users on our platform, where you can create traditional market research questions alongside other data points such as self-reported, verified and algorithmic AI data. Our team has access to a global audience […]

What is CitizenMe data?

CitizenMe data represents personal data that Citizens gather about themselves in the app. These then build up data profiles on each Citizen, which are always managed and fully controlled by the individual, making CitizenMe a truly ethical platform. The types of data include AI algorithms, API connections and self-reported survey questions. Organisations are then able […]

Citizen Participation in our App is Completely Anonymous and Ethical

This fourth interview clip from Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’ focuses on the complete anonymity of our CitizenMe’s users. Citizens can participate in creating insights that they might find useful for themselves and can then use to share with organisations anonymously. Everything is citizen centric; that is […]

Seeing your Instagram posts’ likes

In July, Instagram announced the removal of the visible ‘like’ count on published pictures on the platform. This is an attempt to redirect the focus so that people actually look at the photos and videos you share, rather than looking at how many likes you get. Instagram’s hypothesis is that people view these ‘likes’ as […]

Getting Traditional Research to Evolve in Innovative Ways

This third interview clip is part of Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’, where we talk about the challenges of evolving from traditional market research to more innovative and beneficial ways of doing market research. Have dogmas in the field disappeared? This has perhaps been one of the […]

How We Have Evolved with The Times

As part of Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’, this second interview clip talks about how CitizenMe has evolved over the years, moving from giving individuals control of their T&Cs to enabling individuals to get insights from their online data. The first version of the app was driven […]

Our Story

We are honoured to have been selected for Wonk Bridge’s upcoming article ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’. As part of Wonk Bridge’s article, CitizenMe’s piece will showcase the ways in which people and start-ups are looking to change the current state of data disenfranchisement. You can read how we are disrupting […]

World Values Survey (WVS) Science and Technology Values

Ever wondered how understanding your customer’s values and beliefs can help your business? The World Values Survey seeks to help researchers, scientists and policy makers understand the changes in the beliefs, values and motivations of people throughout the world. The data that derives from these surveys is used to analyse a variety of topics, ranging […]

Digital Memories: Commerce (part 3)

Like our memory, personal data is owned but  isn’t property. However, personal data as property is the way that the digital economy functions – which corrupts the efficiency, integrity, and ultimately, the legitimacy of the digital economy. It pollutes the digital ecosystem, undermines trust and stifles its growth. Viewing personal data like a personal memory […]

Digital Memories: Choosing How We Share (part 2)

As much as we might sometimes like to think otherwise, we all need to keep some things private to ourselves. Embarrassing events, shared intimacies, funny ideas, ‘crazy’ thoughts, or just recollections of times when we acted less than perfectly with others. These private memories are central to who we are. Having control of them and […]

Digital Memories: Personal Data is Just a Memory (part 1)

We’re in trouble. The way we talk about ownership of our personal data needs to change – and fast. Rather than viewing personal data as a commodity, we need to start viewing it as the precious human creation that it is. Our personal data is not an industrial era product, it is the digital equivalent […]

New cutting-edge AI analytical tool

We’re really excited to announce a brand new AI product suite in the works… CitizenMe Automated Segmentation is the world’s first fully micro-segmentation tool. It’s a cutting edge AI analytical tool that will enable you to generate instantaneous segmentation and data clustering visualisations after running a data survey. Better yet, different data dimensions can be […]

Why we choose to work at Somerset House

For well over a century, Somerset House has served as the UK’s public records office. It was first used as the Stamp Office, taxing every newspaper produced in the country. Later, it became the General Register Office and the Board of Taxes, which enabled the UK Government to record all taxes paid, alongside every birth, […]

Human interaction in the Age of Smartphones

When you’re talking to someone else, is your attention really focused on them, or that small rectangle in your pocket?  This question is becoming increasingly relevant, as the percentage of people who own a smartphone grows every day (currently 3.3 billion and predicted to grow by several hundred million in the next few years!).  What […]

Artificial Intelligence: What side of the Force will it be?

As with all new innovations entering uncharted territory, speculations about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)’s future are unsurprisingly causing a wide variety of reactions across the academic, professional and even social, everyday world. Amongst this whirlwind of opinions, there are a lot of over inflated statements and out of context quotes being bandied around. Needless to say, […]

Libra: the four forces driving Zuckerbucks

New global currencies are inevitable but is Facebook Libra the answer? It has been a busy news month for Facebook. Facebook Group (including Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram) is going through a massive transformational change, and has been in and out of the news for multiple reasons – most of the coverage questioning its ethics and […]

50 Million users on base!

You can now access over 50 million consumers globally! Thanks to our partnership with a variety of trusted panel providers, you can now reach any audience around the world, all through the same easy to use interface, with the support of your CitizenMe account contact.  If you need an audience we don’t yet have, and […]

5G and the Internet of Things

There is no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot about 5G in 2019. For one, there is a great deal of benefits in 5G data connection over 4G, with the global race to introduce 5G networks having started already. It’ll bring three technologies together that’ll transform the world as we know it, covering “almost everything […]

Can you change your personality?

Just as most of us will express interest in changing some of our physical features that we may dislike or feel insecure about, can the same be said for our personalities? Can we intentionally improve them? Changing your personality traits is possible over a prolonged period of time. However, just as it takes years to […]

Rip it Up, Start Again

We were very excited to see our founder StJohn Deakins ripping it up at the Rip It Up@Paddington Works, a London Tech Week event on June the 13th! CitizenMe joined a panel of entrepreneurs who have built disruptive and innovative products and services demonstrating how ‘tech’ is used to create a dynamic shift in human behaviour. […]

CAN – Conscious Advertising Network

The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) has launched with the aim of taking a stand against unethical practices in advertising. Last week, CitizenMe joined CAN’s launch event as part of the 30 organisations that have signed up to the movement! We’re strong believers of CAN’s mission to stop advertising abuse by highlighting the conscious choices advertisers […]

Royal Society: Privacy Enhancing Technology

Our global digital society is rapidly changing. In the space of a decade, the concept of  “Privacy” has gone from being an essential human right, to being dismissed as an obsolete social norm, to roaring back into vogue as a “new Silicon Valley religion”. In this context, we are honoured (and just a little excited!) […]

The Future of Work

The world as we know it was built on the idea that you work for a living. Your place in society is generally determined by the work you or your family members accomplish. But this system and the impact it has on humanity will fundamentally change due to one factor in particular – automation. With […]

Becoming digital Citizens: From survive to thrive

“Saving our planet” is now one of the most pressing global issues for humanity. As we progress out of the industrial era into a new era of digital knowledge, the impact that human development has on the world is becoming clearer. We are inflicting sustained harm on our climate and environment, be it land, oceans […]

DataIQ Awards

We’re honoured to have been shortlisted for the DataIQ Awards for Best Data Ethics and Privacy Initiative! Due to the recent increase in awareness of consumers’ data rights following the implementation of GDPR, this award is for those initiatives that move beyond the current compliance required by GDPR. The discussion has been sparked by the […]

An injustice in disguise – the male contraceptive pill and its potential market

A male contraceptive pill has passed initial human tests. This revolutionary breakthrough in contraception presents different choices for men, moving the contraceptive field forward significantly. However, it could still be years until the pill is actually put on the market. One reason for this delay is that researchers have had to rely on charitable and […]

Goodbye AI, hello HIA Knowledge

We’ve reached peak “AI”. Every tech startup with a line of code and a calculation is touting itself as the next potential Artificial Intelligence breakthrough. The reality is that 2 in 5 AI start-ups have no AI, with many simply aspiring to “add AI later”. As AI becomes increasingly fashionable, the same can be said […]

Is Facebook past its “Use By” Date?

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerburg published a note detailing his new vision for the future of Facebook. Given their troubles in 2018, and the resulting steep decline in public trust, it’s not surprising that this “New-Facebook” concept hinges on the need for privacy. A good company focuses on serving its customers. A great company strives to make […]

AI, CitizenMe and You (long read version)

In this combined piece of 7 blog posts, we explain what Artificial Intelligence does, why it’s so useful for us all, what we’re doing at CitizenMe – and what this means for you. Introduction What Exactly Is AI? Can AI Read or Hear? (Chat Bots & Voice Assistants) Can AI Move? (Smart Robots) Can AI […]

The impact of technology: Who we are becoming and why insights matter

In the real world, people interact with waves and hugs. We can look at each other, hold hands and take walks in parks. We listen and talk. We smell and eat. We live through sensations whether we realise it or not. As society becomes increasingly connected, the impact of technology becomes more evident as the […]

AI, CitizenMe and You – Part 6: Can it reason?

AI, CitizenMe and You – Part 6: Can it Reason? This is the big one. Machine Learning makes decisions based on patterns that it finds in large amounts of data. It does this by finding connections, links and correlations between different data points.  Much of the theory isn’t new. For example what are known as […]

AI, CitizenMe and You – Part 4: Can it move?

If a machine can move by itself without help, and moves based on what it can see, feel and hear around it (i.e. not on a pre-programmed route or a person using a remote control behind a curtain) then it’s a smart robot. This is what the occasional lazy journalist and blogger will use as […]

AI, CitizenMe and You – Part 2: What Exactly is AI?

AI, CitizenMe and You. Part 2: What Exactly Is AI (Artificial Intelligence?) So what Exactly is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Firstly – AI is *not* this: And AI is *not* this: There is endless hype – and a fair amount of BS – about computers becoming smarter than humans and, of course, eventually becoming our evil […]

AI, CitizenMe and You: Introduction

We are all now digital citizens: humans connected through a digital world. Our mission at CitizenMe is to empower all of us Citizens with the true value of our own data. On its own, our data is pretty dumb. For data to become truly valuable, it needs to be labelled to create information, and verified […]

A Solid Welcome To Tim Berners Lee from All Of Us At CitizenMe

This weekend Sir Tim Berners Lee posted One Small Step…, announcing the commercialisation of SOLID, a personal data store concept that he and a team at MIT Labs have been working on for a few years.  ‘Professionalisation’ is an important contribution to the personal data movement and marketplace. Whilst the choice of technology may be debatable […]

Data is Water 3: Water is pure (oil is processed)

People say that our data is “the new oil” but in reality crude oil is, well… crude. It’s not usable in it’s natural state so we refine it, ‘crack’ it and process it to make consumable products for industry and humans. These products damage us and damage our environment. When we consume, we pollute. Our human data […]

Ripping It Up

The Transcript from StJohn talking on the RipItUp – Start Again | Episode 1 yesterday.  A new monthly TV show from Disruptive.Live about Entrepreneurs who are reinventing marketplaces with technology. I love the Internet. In the 90’s I helped international newspapers and companies like British airways and T-Mobile shift to digital. In the noughties I helped the last […]

This is NOT a blog about GDPR…this is a blog about YOU.

The 25th of May 2018 hailed the arrival of a new law in the EU that will impact pretty much everyone connected to the internet. It is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR )…sound familiar? Seeing as this topic has been taking centre stage in European newsrooms and amongst privacy enthusiasts across the world, […]

Data is Water 2: Water is abundant (oil is scarce)

At the end of 2017 I posted Data Is The New Water in the Huffington Post. The way that we frame our language about ‘humans and data’, our new digital reality, will have a major impact on the way the internet develops for us, as humans. We had many requests to expand on the theme […]

Digital Detox II: Protecting your privacy

In our last blog we talked about the reasons we might need to have a digital detox and the effect that being always online is having on our day-to-day lives. One major area that is impacted by our ‘always on’ lives is our privacy. Everyday we’re online, our personal data is being stored and used, […]

Digital detox I: How to get healthy online

We are citizens addicted. Not just to the things you might expect like alcohol and cigarettes, but to our screens and devices. There’s always a latest detoxing fad, but it’s time we started thinking differently about what it is we need to cut out of our lives. Spending less time with our phones and more […]

CitizenMe Investigates: Love in the modern age

Has online dating killed our happily-ever-after? The modern age has given rise to a lot of societal changes, from meme culture and information (or disinformation) freedom, to AI. The internet has created a (sort of) global network, which citizens all over the world can tap into. CitizenMe is a platform through which we can talk to […]

And the best Christmas song is…

As our Citizens, you regularly share your thoughts with us via the app. When you complete those lovely light blue fun tiles, you can also see how your opinions compare. At CitizenMe HQ, we’ve been getting into the festive spirit and sharing our thoughts on all things Christmas; it is the most wonderful time of […]

Intelligence by likes: is it important?

Ahhh your online self. Is it the real you, the best you? One thing that we can say with some level of certainty is that our social self isn’t always a true reflection of us in reality. Some of us might go so far as to actively monitor what we like and share in order […]

Can Facebook data predict your political view? Yes, yes it can

If you’ve been keeping up with our insights lately, you will have seen that there’s been a lot of chatter at CitizenMe about how your Facebook persona says a lot about you. Arguably one of the most interesting (and divisive) aspects of your life that is represented by your likes is your political affiliation. Say […]

The perks of acting your age online… and the risks    

For many, age is just a number. For others, it’s a mindset that reflects every ounce of maturity and wisdom they’ve squeezed out of each passing birthday. Whatever your feelings about your big number, any clever bod with access to your public information can make a sophisticated guess at your age, most likely with lightning [...]

Your personal data in your hands – literally

Why your personal data should be in your hands (or your back pocket) not floating in the cloud Your personal data is, well, personal. As more and more of our lives become captured digitally, our personal data reveals an even deeper and clearer picture of us than ever before. It not only defines who you […]

What your data tells advertisers about your gender… and why it matters.

Facebook is more than a pastime for idle thumbs; it’s a multi-billion pound selling platform for brands of all sizes. Facebook gathers all the information you leave behind when you use the site and builds a profile of you, the real human being. Advertisers choose the ideal audience for their ads, if you match the […]

Why it’s important to verify brands and citizens are real

Real, harmonious data sharing CitizenMe is passionate about enabling you to unlock the value of your data on your terms. This value can take many forms. In the current CitizenMe app the types of value that you can unlock include real insights about how your opinions compare to others and revelations about your neighbourhood. You […]

Data and Facebook Privacy: Is it time you had a clean-up?

Personal privacy and data protection is hitting the news big time at the moment, especially in Europe with the introduction of GDPR approaching in May 2018. Companies such as Google and Facebook store tons of data about each and every one of us. The worst thing is, some of this data may not be entirely […]

Why NetNeutrality Matters – CitizenMe in CityAM

Yesterday, CityAM asked us if The US Congress should reconsider the move to scrap NetNeutrality following this weeks day of action. Our answer: Yes! This is economics 101. Infrastructure and service companies have very different financial models. There’s a rich history of infrastructure firms attempting to raise profits by expanding into services. They then use their gatekeeper […]

Artificial Intelligence: Winning Vs Humanness

Do you care about winning?  It turns out that Artificial Intelligence does too. Google DeepMind has discovered that in highly competitive situations, the more intelligent an AI becomes the more aggressive it’ll become too. More than this though, intelligent AI will also become more aggressive when there’s relative abundance. Of course,  AI will simply do what we […]

“Follow The Bloody Algorithm!”

For the first time ever I missed my train last Sunday night. I was traveling up to this weeks Advances In Data Science event in Manchester to talk about algorithms and Humans (‘do they mix?’). I figured traffic would be light on a Sunday so I took an Uber across town to Euston train station. […]

How does Citizenme empower you? By keeping it simple.

Firstly, a big thank you to those of you who’ve come along to a focus group session recently!  We’re getting ready to release the next stage of the platform and all of your awesome feedback has been incredibly useful – good and bad! Something that’s come up a couple of times is how such a simple app […]

Becoming Aware

Last week I was asked why we should be wary about sharing our data (the article appears in today’s CityAM). This jarred with me, not because personal data is scary but because we need to move beyond fear.  It’s time for us all to go beyond being wary about our personal data and become aware. Most of us now realise […]

Citizenme : What’s New in August?

It’s been awesome to hear such positive feedback now that the citizenme app is on the Apple and Android stores. There are already a few thousand of us citizens and if you’ve just joined us – welcome!  We’ve also received some great press – like here, here, here, here and here. Going forward you’ll see new stuff in the app […]

Three simple insights, one huge impact.

At citizenme, our purpose is to make the Internet work for the people who use it. To put us in control of our own personal data and, importantly, to get value from it. The idea of personal data ‘agency’ has been around for a while. However, until recently, it hasn’t been possible to realise. Now, […]

Our Digital Freedom: From Lockdown to Liberty

Cross-post from the HuffingtonPost, 20th April 2016 “Give me liberty or give me death” was the rallying cry of the US revolution. Penned by Thomas Paine at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, his words and those of other Enlightenment thinkers heralded the shift to a new global economic system. They inspired Democratic revolutions in France and […]

3 reasons why the “G.D..thingy” will help you be yourself

Be yourself. It is the law! What we are excited about is the EU council has just passed the GDPR. “G…D… what!?” I hear you say. Think of it as a super charged Data Protection Act, which gives you super powers in the digital economy. Why should I care? Every time you go online you […]

Free cookie for your personal health data. Would you?

Would you exchange your personal information for a free cookie? This is the experiment citizenme ran at the Big Bang Data exhibition in Somerset House. The exhibition explored the issues surrounding the explosion of data: “Emails, selfies, shopping transactions, Google searches, dating profiles: every day we’re producing data in huge quantities. Our online activity, alongside […]

Why the data economy needs to be centred around people not products

We are currently living through a major tectonic shift; from an old economy to a new economy. It’s on the scale of the transition from an agrarian based economy to an industrial one. Like all shifts we experience economic, social and technological tremors. We are now quickly moving away from an industrial economy to an […]

Google AI versus the Go grandmaster – who is the real winner?

My latest post on The Guardian: The achievement has been hailed as a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, but computers are much less efficient than us Today we were greeted by the front page of Nature hailing a breakthrough in artificial intelligence: computers are now outperforming even the best humans at the Chinese game of Go, […]

Bowie, Liberty & Me.

Yesterday was surreal. I woke to the news that someone I’d never met had died and I felt a profound sense of loss. I’ve never experienced ‘star grief’ before. Sure I was sad at 8yrs old when Elvis died and it would have been nice to have had a cup of tea with Lennon. But […]

OpenAI won’t benefit humanity without data-sharing

My latest post for The Guardian: Artificial intelligence experts welcome the launch of the Elon Musk-backed venture, but open algorithms are only the first step There is a common misconception about what drives the digital-intelligence revolution. People seem to have the idea that artificial intelligence researchers are directly programming an intelligence; telling it what to […]

System Zero: What kind of AI have we created?

Apparent rapid advances in artificial intelligence are plugging into deep-seated fears we have about the fate of humanity. These fears are not new, they go back as far Kubrick and Asimov’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” an envisaged future. For that film technical advice was provided by Jack Good, one of the originators of the concept […]

The information barons threaten our autonomy and our privacy

My latest post on The Guardian: As we share more of ourselves online we become easier to predict and control, how can we address this imbalance of power in the digital world? In August, Carphone Warehouse announced that details of up to 2.4 million customers may have been accessed in a “sophisticated cyber-attack”. In October […]

Did Volkswagen unfairly ask their developers to play with fire?

Fire. It is considered the greatest gift in human history. When I first started my Computer Science major one of the early prerequisites of the major was to take a course on “Information Technology in Society”. The core reading for the course was a book called “A gift of fire”*. Fire is used as a […]

Value yourself. It’s more than just money.

citizenme was featured in the Financial Times yesterday. The article entitled “Sell your own personal data” examines platforms like citizenme that help digital citizens gain value from their personal data. The FT commented: The creation of a marketplace in personal data would represent a significant shift in the balance of power between individuals and companies […]

How Africa can benefit from the data revolution

My latest post for The Guardian on the data revolution in Africa: Locally-driven data projects across the continent can enable the infrastructure to bring about economic change The UN has estimated that across the world more people have access to mobile phones than to toilets. It is of course distressing to imagine what this means […]

The data driven economy will help marketers exploit us

My latest post of The Guardian: The internet of things will improve marketers’ understanding of consumers, enabling them to better advertise products we don’t need The mathematical basis of rational behaviour was described in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal, but implications for philosophical thinking and rationality were laid out in the late 18th century […]

How to prevent creeping artificial intelligence becoming creepy

My latest post for The Guardian on artificial intelligence: With successful AI emerging slowly and almost without us noticing, we must improve the understanding between human and computer. The traditional view of benevolent artificial intelligence (AI) is as a companion, someone who understands and enhances us. Think of the computer in Star Trek or JARVIS […]

Data Sharing and Rewards: Prize Draw & Findings

To everyone who participated in our recent survey, ‘Data Sharing and Rewards’, we’d like to say a sincere thank you! Your insights, opinions and preferences are helping us to build more than an app – we’re building a whole new way for you to benefit from your own data. We’ll be sharing exciting updates and […]

Let’s learn the rules of the digital road before talking about a web Magna Carta

My latest post for The Guardian: Technology is moving so fast we’re only beginning to understand how it will change society. It’s too early to distill our thinking to an internet bill of rights. Karl Popper, the scientific philosopher, gave a definitive answer to the question: “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” The […]

Your digital identity: picture perfect or a hot mess?

Recently described as, “a massive spaghetti-ball mess,” the doomed MySpace serves as a cautionary tale to Internet startups and monolithic social media players alike. But are we ordinary citizens facing a similar state when it comes to our digital identity, and what can we do about it? How it got so messy The short answer […]

Beware the rise of the digital oligarchy

My latest post for The Guardian on the rise of the digital oligarchy: Powerful algorithms are concentrating the ownership of personal data in few hands. We need rights to control who accesses it. The Bank of St George, founded in 1407 in the Italian Republic of Genova, is one of the world’s oldest banks. It […]

TVs listening to us? Where’s the value?

Why would your TV eavesdrop on you? Last week it was revealed by The Daily Beast that the Samsung Smart TV records voice commands and shares them with a “third party”. It made for great headlines – and cartoons. It turns out that the voice sharing is pretty legitimate, at least for now, in that it just makes […]

What do your apps silently share?

Ever wonder what “I Agree” really means when we load up a shiny new app? SilentCircle asked people on the street to read a few app permissions out loud and this was the result. Your personal info is very valuable. It helps make the web wonderful. It’s also quietly “copied” from phone apps and the web to […]

Data sharing and rewards

And so it begins… Until now, we digital citizens have had no opportunity to control or participate in the transaction of our data – let alone benefit from it. But happily, times change… Now we have a real chance to take this massive opportunity and GET THIS RIGHT! But we need your input and feedback […]

2015 and helping create CitizenMe

Hi and happy 2015! At CitizenMe, we’re very excited about the year ahead. The CitizenMe lite app is providing some fascinating insights about the way that we all think about ‘personal data’. Yes, ‘privacy’ is a big issue, however there’s also a rapidly growing realisation that our personal data has huge value and that we don’t get anywhere near our fair share of that […]

Dear Facebook, your products are revolting

We’ve introduced a new page, Your voice, that lets you know how users feel about the terms of service from internet giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. Here’s why we did it. Users of online services like Facebook have long been told, “If the service is free, you are the product.” History will show […]

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: LinkedIn’s new terms

We’ve squared up to LinkedIn’s new Terms of Service and cast our beady eyes over their updated Privacy Policy. Now it’s time for some straight shooting. Here’s what you need to know: The Good LinkedIn has made a big push to win back user trust with their updated terms (after all, nothing sharpens the focus […]

Latest Apple app released (v1.12)

The latest version of CitizenMe lite (1.12) is now up on the Apple app store. We’ve added Terms of Service ranking for Microsoft to the privacy screen (feel free to vote!). We’ve also fixed a few bugs  (our apologies if you had a problem getting your personality score on the previous version!). We’ve been busy […]

Vote for CitizenMe to bring the privacy debate to SXSW

We want consumer privacy issues to take centre stage at next year’s SXSW Interactive – but we need your vote to make it happen!   CitizenMe is teaming up with some of the leading voices in the industry to form an important panel to further the tech privacy debate with our proposed session: Creepy or […]

New proposed terms of service for CitizenMe

Not content to just talk the talk, we’ve been busy putting together a brand new version of our Terms of Service. What’s New? Our aim is to make our Terms of Service as user-friendly as possible for all our digital citizens. To begin with, we’ve combined our Privacy Policy and Terms into a single document. […]

Which social network next?

Now that we’ve announced the CitizenMe Apple app we’ll be adding new functionality every two to three weeks. For the Privacy section, the most requests have been to add Flickr, so this will be next. CitizenMe Profiles Screen For the Profiles section, the app currently gives you the option to view Facebook and Twitter. Which social network […]

Making the news: CitizenMe iOS app announcement takes-off

Today we announced our iOS app. We believe it gives us all an opportunity to start taking back control of who we are online. For the first time we have an easy way to see our social network profiles in one screen, choose what personal information we share publically, stay informed about Terms of Service […]

What Does Data Privacy Mean to You?

Our rapidly evolving digital world has left traditional definitions of privacy in its wake. As digital citizens, we are left to grapple with shifting boundaries on what information we consider public and what should remain private. Meanwhile, big data, commercial organisations and governments alike all seek to test our tolerance for what’s acceptable and what isn’t […]

Daily Telegraph Interview CitizenMe

CitizenMe was in the Daily Telegraph on Friday, an excerpt is below and the full article is here. Thanks to Rebecca Burn-Callander for the interview and asking such great questions. On June 9, serial entrepreneur StJohn Deakins will launch a new platform, CitizenMe, which will not only allow consumers to see all the data held about them by online companies, […]

CitizenMe Lite is Available

We have great news to share – CitizenMe Lite is now available for download in the Apple App Store! CitizenMe Lite gives you a flavour of what to expect ahead of the official launch of the full CitizenMe app this Summer. We hope you’ll join our pioneer citizens who have already downloaded CitizenMe Lite.  Let us […]

From darkness into lite

Sometimes, it’s not until you’re within reach of a long-held goal that you see it with fresh eyes… As you know, at CitizenMe we’re not just fans of transparency, it’s a value we aim to uphold in all we do. Recently we shared the news of our plans to launch our app on an initial […]

Terms of service app activism for the silent majority

The approach we’re taking for revealing terms of service in a new light means you’ll be able to see and understand what all that small print means to your rights, stay informed as they change and are updated, and also take action. Taking action means several things. Firstly, it applies your voice to a much-needed […]

Managing terms of service when the only constant is change

Our previous post looked at the 3 important ways we’re redefining the terms of service experience for the better. The first way dealt with our understanding of what all that legal jargon really means to us. This post looks at the second way: how you can stay informed when terms are constantly updated. It’s helpful […]

3 ways we’re improving the terms of service experience for everyone

In last week’s post we invited you to sign up for our preview iOS app. We told you that you can expect more visibility and insight about what terms of service REALLY mean, and why it’s time our understanding of them took a giant leap forward. Every day millions of us journey around the web […]

Your CitizenMe invitation is coming soon!

Exciting news! CitizenMe will be in pre-launch mode on the Apple App Store at the end of this month – access will be via invitation only. If you’ve signed up as one of our ‘pioneer citizens’ and early supporters, we’re thrilled to share this important milestone with you and get your first impressions. So what will […]

Rewarding digital citizens for their personal data – time for a change!

For decades businesses have used consumers’ personal data from membership cards to push special offers and discounts. It has become a fundamental part of consumer life. This culture of reward is of course designed to build loyalty between consumers and businesses, with the ultimate goal driving regular repeat business. While it’s not a perfect system, […]

“Right to self” – solving the biggest problem of the Internet

Were he alive today and busy defining matters of self, the philosopher Descartes might have rationally proposed: I’m digital; therefore I am. And who could argue with that? From mobile social status updates, to apps that silently but persistently report our phone’s location, we are all contributing fragments of our digital selves and furthering the […]


Hi and welcome to the CitizenMe blog! Life is about balance. We all want to use great apps and amazing internet services. Connecting, participating, sharing – who wouldn’t? Simultaneously, we want control. To have control of our own data, to see how our digital identity is being used, bought and sold.  To know where our […]