Elections 150 150 Beth Hepple

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5 ways to improve survey UX
5 ways to improve survey UX 1024 682 Josh Hedley-Dent

We believe that the future of a thriving market research industry is one based on putting the participant user experience first. At CitizenMe we think about, and design, our product…

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The power of integrated digital data: a study of UK challenger banks
The power of integrated digital data: a study of UK challenger banks 150 150 Josh Hedley-Dent

The survey is a valuable source of data and insight. However, in a 21st century digital economy, consumer research requires¬†integrated data from different parts of people’s life. Businesses know this,…

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AI 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Afraid of bugs?
Afraid of bugs? 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Green thumb
Green thumb 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Family and friends
Family and friends 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Impulsive or cautious?
Impulsive or cautious? 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Space flight
Space flight 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Libraries 150 150 Beth Hepple

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