Create your own community

Speaking to your customers is good. Creating meaningful relationships with them is better. With CitizenMe’s communities brands can get closer to their most important stakeholders, getting instant & ongoing insights to drive your business forward.

Create an insight community with the people that matter most to your business. Connect and involve customers, fans, patients, employees, donors, alumni, or partners. Communities allow you to achieve a better understanding of your audience, that builds over time – unlike ad-hoc projects.

Created around engaged customers who are invested in seeing your organisation succeed. Communities allow your audience to co-create with you, offering high quality insight in context.

Community Technology Platform

At CitizenMe, we approach Insight Communities differently. We believe they should be about human insight: highly engaging, the conversation should be two-way, and insights shouldn’t be limited to just survey data.


Traditional communities are expensive to manage. That’s because it’s hard to keep people interested in only giving feedback on a single brand. People like variety.

We keep community members engaged even when you’re not talking to them, by allowing them to get insights about themselves, donate their data to charity, and interact with other brands on their terms.

Rich Data

Insight communities are about understanding your customers more deeply. You can’t do this by just asking questions. With CitizenMe, you can get your community to exchange mobile data, social media data, psychographic, health kit data and more, all alongside the survey questions you want to ask. For even deeper contextual understanding, integrate your CRM data seamlessly in a highly secure, GDPR compliant way.


Insights from a community are only useful 
if they’re timely. That why we’ve created 
the CitizenMe platform to enable instant feedback (it’s crazy quick). Being a mobile platform means you can speak to your community any time, and in context of what they’re doing. Get hundreds of responses in minutes so you don’t have to wait to make better business decisions.

Build your own community today

From pop-up communities of 50-100 people, to long-lasting customer communities 
of thousands, CitizenMe’s Insight Communities helps you put the customer at the heart of all you do.

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