Understanding niche customer groups

Understanding niche customer groups 1240 588 Beth Hepple

The Challenge

IFF needed to get fast feedback from a niche group of consumers in the UK about their attitudes and behaviours around using different laundry detergents.

The CitizenMe Solution

IFF didn’t have to waste time writing and scripting the various profiling questions they wanted; instead, they could rely on the rich profiling data readily available on the platform. This offered a quicker, smoother user experience and left them free to focus time and resource on creating the custom questions that really mattered to them.

The Result

Using the CitizenMe platform, IFF were able to go from business question to insight in a very short space of time. They had 100 responses in under 10 minutes and the full 300 in under 2 ½ hours, even from a niche group. The timely insights enabled them to make informed, data-backed decisions quickly.

What they said

Our project went very smoothly from start to finish, and the consumer feedback was incredibly fast. The data CitizenMe could provide was very rich insights into the differences between expectations of men and women on their washing products. A great platform!
Roel van Dijk, Consumer Insights Manager

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