Create your own community

Speaking to your customers is good. Creating meaningful relationships with them is better. With CitizenMe’s communities brands can get closer to their most important stakeholders, getting instant & ongoing insights to drive your business forward.

Engage with your own community

Traditional communities are expensive to manage. That’s because it’s hard to keep people interested in only giving feedback on a single brand. People like variety.

We keep community members engaged even when you’re not talking to them, by allowing them to get insights about themselves, donate their data to charity, and interact with other brands on their terms.

Create data rich community insights

Insight communities are about understanding your customers more deeply. You can’t do this by just asking questions. With CitizenMe, you can get your community to exchange mobile data, social media data, psychographic, health kit data and more, all alongside the survey questions you want to ask. For even deeper contextual understanding, integrate your CRM data seamlessly in a highly secure, GDPR compliant way.

Get precise insights FAST!

Insights from a community are only useful if they’re timely. That why we’ve created the CitizenMe platform to enable instant feedback (it’s quick).

Being a mobile platform means you can speak to your community any time, and in context of what they’re doing. Get hundreds of responses in minutes so you don’t have to wait to make better business decisions.

Find your plan and pair it with a community today

For the Startup’s

Know with live, in-the-moment surveys. Real humans with verified multi-variate data (we don’t do quick and dirty!), and stunning data visualisations, image galleries and interactive charts. Payment is pay-as-you-go and we’ve now simplified the pricing for you too.

Corporate Innovator

Grow with always-on access to deep data, directly from your customers, members, and the global CitizenMe community. Customise the platform with bespoke data integrations, proprietary algorithmic insights solutions, and new data sources, and seamlessly integrate to your CRM.


Transform your business with our hyper-personalised ZeroData platform. White-label our platform
to license the CitizenMe ‘ZeroData’ technology stack and supercharge your first zero party data architecture. Leverage the global community and run as a managed service, or license the software
The choice is yours.