Enterprise, do right by data

A breakthrough platform - the only Zero Party Data technology that is fully operational.

One-of-a-kind Technology
Our Zero Party Data platform holds all data on users’ (Citizens) smartphones through processing on-the-edge. We don’t suck customer data into a central AI; we bring the AI to Citizens. The AI is on the CitizenMe app, and collects and stores data only on Citizens’ phones – encrypted like a password manager or an encrypted messaging service.

With over 350+ Data points – from finances to home ownership to apps installed on phones – our 350,000 Citizens have pre-shared their MeData with full permissions. 

Use CitizenMe to regain your trust with customers by using zero data exchanges. CitizenMe is built for the future but ROI today.

Marketing Friendly and CIO Approved
Dramatically enhance your entire customer life cycle with breakthrough customisation experiences. Integrate seamlessly with existing data lakes.

Data Compliance
Skip worrying about data regulations and compliance. Our Zero Data Architecture uses privacy-by-design and data minimisation principles to hold no Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

About Us
After 5 years of research and development, CitizenMe is the only fully functioning Zero Data Technology in the world. 

Accelerating deep-data conversations through Zero Data, CitizenMe is inherently distributed with processing on-the-edge.

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The Tailor-Made

✓ Create specific audiences communities
✓ Company exchange
✓ Staff training
✓ Unlimited 350+ MeData Types
✓ Expert support
✓ Dynamic Segmentation