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We are organising the world’s personal data, people first.
Citizens: Reclaim your data and join the global collective to unlock the full value of your data. It’s your new digital superpower.
Organisations: Request real data from real people in real time. Build trusted human relationships based on full and explicit consent.

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  • Unlock personal insights about yourself
  • Earn money by exchanging your data
  • Donate your data to charity

Get quality insights from users through intuitive
research tools

Global access
Engage with our organically growing base of data rich respondents
Self-service platform
Use our client platform to create your surveys & gain deep insights of your target audience
Better results
Access a wide range of data using ethical & robust verification methods

Reach over 110M people worldwide

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Gather data you can trust

CitizenMe gives you access to a wide range of ethically sourced data; AI algorithms, verified API connections & self reported survey questions

Citizens’ data is stored on their phone, giving them control of how it’s shared. This ensures reliable, high quality & fully GDPR compliant data

You’ll know exactly how much each Citizen will receive for each data point they share + the percentage platform fee


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Download our app to get value from your data

  • Earn money by exchanging your data
  • Get personal insights about yourself
  • Donate your data to charity