Transform your business with the CitizenMe hyper-personalised ZeroData platform.  Build trusted data relationships directly with your Citizens (customers, patients, users, subscribers, humans).
Take advantage of the existing CitizenMe platform – out-of-the-box, or license our cutting-edge and fully productised Software to build your very own ZeroData platform.


From personalised product recommendations to tailored Spotify playlists – true, automated personalisation is the ultimate promise of the digital era. Your Citizens will increasingly demand hyper-personalisation or they will go elsewhere. However, the accelerating security and regulatory risks are problematic, and building trusted relationships with data is becoming ever harder.

The CitizenMe ZeroData Platform is the answer. Empower your Citizens with an app that enables them to gather their own data from around the Internet, enjoyably, and to choose which elements to share with you, on their terms. Privacy is about choice. With choice comes trust. Relationships are built on trust.

You Choose:

1) Private Communities: Quickly hyper-personalise your relationships with your Citizens by creating a private, branded community. This can be up and running, live, with your community within a working day. Perfect for single brands, smaller companies, medical research and Data Trusts.

2) White-label: If you’d like to run ZeroData technology with your own brand, we can create your own branded version of the app and host a new version of the platform for you, on your behalf, as a fully-managed service.

3) Enterprise License: Finally, deploy the CitizenMe ZeroData technology stack alongside your existing Customer Data Platform and Customer Support infrastructure. Supercharge your first-party data architecture, and your customer relationships, with zero-party data.

Leverage the global CitizenMe community, white-label the app, let us run the platform for you as a managed service, or license the software stack to run in your own environment with 5×9 reliability and 24/7 support – the choice is yours.

We’d love to hear from you.

Unique Functionality


  • Create private communities with the people that you’d love to hear from. Always on, high quality permissioned data with answers – all provided in-the-moment.
  • An unmatched suite of interaction tools including swipe questions, photo uploads, vox-pops, psychometrics, prototype testing, sentiment analysis and much more.
  • Additional terms of service can enable private, permissioned and secure sharing of personal data.
  • Communities can be a branded or unbranded.
  • Invite from your existing communities with a simple dynamic link.
  • Alternatively, invite members from the CitizenMe community based on their CitizenMe Data.
  • Screen new members by verifying device data and/or asking additional questions.
  • Integrate the community and live data conversations directly into your Customer Data Platform.