Launching the CitizenMe 360º Data Lab

Launching the CitizenMe 360º Data Lab 5184 3456 StJohn Deakins

The launch of Citizen 360º Data Lab marks a significant step towards the advancement of human-centric personal data technology. The lab is an open and collaborative space where experts and partners can explore the vast possibilities of personal data gathered, stored and shared directly by individuals from their smartphones.

The platform is built on the mission to accelerate the global adoption of this technology, with a strong focus on organising personal data around the person. This approach creates unique combinations of data that generate invaluable insights that were previously not possible.

Citizen 360º Data Lab is part of CitizenMe, a zero-party data platform that allows individuals to have greater control and transparency over their data. The launch of this lab promises to be a game-changer in the data science community as it progresses, and we are excited to see what innovative solutions it will bring forth.


We will post weekly results of analysis made on the unique combinations of multivariate data that are available on the CitizenMe platform. This will include traditional analysis, the results of tests using novel data science techniques and also guest posts by collaborators who run their own analyses on the data sets available.

The Data:

The first data set that we’re using is a UK Mobile representative data set with 1,020 respondents and 243 variables. These include a sweep of human data types and sources, focused on Sports Shoe preferences plus: step count, apps on device, emotional analysis and a number of psychometric rating scales. All data is anonymised.

The Data set is available to collaborators on request.  


The Citizen Data Lab is a living example of the CitizenMe commitment to accelerate transition to more human centric personal data technology. This purpose is summarised in our  the CitizenMe Vision, Mission and Measure statements:

Empower humanity with data for a more sustainable digital future.

Accelerate the global adoption of human centric personal data technology.

100 million humans with CitizenMe technology in their hands. We believe we can achieve this within 3 years.

We’re starting very, very simply with open analysis of static anonymised data sets – and we will share the data with collaborators who’d like to check out the data and post. We’ll then ramp up slowly with other initiatives as we go.

If you’d like your own copy of data sets to experiment with, or have suggestions for other data sets that we can provide for open citizen data research, please get in contact we’d love to hear from you.

The CitizenMe Team.


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StJohn founded CitizenMe with the aim to take on the biggest challenge in the Information Age: helping digital citizens gain control of their digital identity. Personal data has meaning and value to everyone, but there is an absence of digital tools to help people realise its value. With CitizenMe, StJohn aims to fix that. With a depth of experience digitising and mobilising businesses, StJohn aims for positive change in the personal information economy. Oh… and he loves liquorice.

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