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Beth Hepple

Challenger Banks

The Challenge Challenger banks are a hot topic in the UK. But with current account switching behaviour at very low levels, who is likely to put their money and trust…

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Tandem Bank

March 2017 Financial | JTBD | Innovation UK The Challenge As a challenger to the big-name high street banks, Tandem needed an agile, cost-effective and cutting-edge solution to test new…

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Wolff Olins

April 2017 Consumer | Usage and attitudes Brazil, Germany, UK, USA The Challenge Being internationally recognised thought leaders in brand and business change, Wolff Olins needed high-quality research to provide…

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February 2017 Mobile Technology | NPS Europe The Challenge As a fast growing mobile phone brand, Wileyfox needed a cost-effective way of measuring brand performance to identify key areas for…

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CitizenMe at #PIE17

On Monday, some of us CitizenMe peeps had the privilege of attending #PIE17, which was hosted by our friends over at CtrlShift. Being the newbie, it was my first time…

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