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StJohn Deakins

Welcoming Ryan Garner

I am *very* pleased to share that Ryan Garner has joined the team at CitizenMe. Ryan and I have been talking for quite a while about the pressing need to…

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Data sharing and rewards

And so it begins… Until now, we digital citizens have had no opportunity to control or participate in the transaction of our data – let alone benefit from it. But…

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2015 and helping create CitizenMe

Hi and happy 2015! At CitizenMe, we’re very excited about the year ahead. The CitizenMe lite app is providing some fascinating insights about the way that we all think about ‘personal data’. Yes,…

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Which social network next?

Now that we’ve announced the CitizenMe Apple app we’ll be adding new functionality every two to three weeks. For the Privacy section, the most requests have been to add Flickr, so this…

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