We believe in making data human.

Imagine if you could understand your audience like never before, in minutes. Now you can. Invite thousands of real people into the room with you to exchange verified, multi-source data in real time.
Informed business decisions come easier when your insights have a human touch.

Know now

Agile insights at their best. Our simple, self-service tool gives you answers to survey questions in minutes, and integrates with social, mobile and digital data for rapid insights to inform your next move.

Next level insights

Deep insights like never before. Segment audiences with precision, build brand-love by creating communities, track performance in real time, and start to get to know your audience on a human level using rich, ethical data, sourced from their digital lives.


Data has the power to drive incredible innovation. But until now, that potential has been limited by it existing in one-dimensional data silos that are questionably sourced. CitizenMe’s distributed data exchange empowers organisations to create new marketplaces and redefine customer relationships. All with citizens in full control of their data.

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