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Web surveys can be used to collect answers to questions from your existing customer lists. The survey will not be published to the CitizenMe apps, but instead a unique url is generated. Only people with the unique URL can answer the survey, meaning you can target specific groups from your own customer lists. There is no direct payment for participation, but companies often organise prizes draws or discounts to reward respondents for completing their surveys.

This is what the respondent will see in their app, so an overview of what the research is covering. E.g. ‘Your smartphone usage’

This is your chance to tell the respondents a little bit about the survey they’ll be doing. It doesn’t have to be long, but something that will gives them a flavour of what’s to come.

Yes. For app surveys you pick how many people you want to speak to. And that’s exactly what you pay for. For web surveys you can keep it open for a certain period of time to collect as many responses from your customer lists as you like.

No – so make sure you’re completely happy with your survey before you press publish! We don’t allow you to edit it to ensure consistency in the data.

We don’t allow any more than 30 questions to be asked. This is to make sure respondents stay engaged, and you get the highest data quality possible.

For an app survey, once you’ve created it and clicked publish, it is sent to qualifying users of the CitizenMe app, who receive a push notification on their smartphone. This alerts them there is a new survey for them to complete, which they can do from within the CitizenMe app. Once they’ve completed the survey, the data leaves their device in an anonymised data file, which you can access on the CitizenMe Exchange.

For web surveys, once you hit publish, a unique link is created which you can share with customer lists you already have. These are free to use and are not sent to the CitizenMe app users. Anyone with the link can complete the survey, but only once.

Logic is something you can use when creating your surveys to ensure your respondents see the correct questions. If someone answers ‘yes’ to one of your questions, you might want to ask why or gain further information, so you would formulate the next question to allow them to elaborate further. If a respondent was to answer ‘no’ to the initial question, they would skip the follow up and move onto the next relevant question. See our “how to” on logic for an example.


To access the data, simply go to the analyse tab and select the research project you want to look at. From here you can analyse with our visualisation tools, or download the raw csv file for more in-depth research.

We have a number of identity verification methods to ensure that every single one of our users is unique, and we cross reference data to make sure no funny business goes on. Combine this with a slick UX app design and you get high quality, real human data!

We work hard at CitizenMe to ensure the people you speak to are real, verified, unique humans. Unlike many panels where it is easy to create multiple account, our users have to connect their PayPal account, which has advanced verification methods, and ensures there is no way an individual can take the same survey twice. In addition we use smartphone data to ensure that each participant is located in the right country so you can have greater  confidence in your data.

All users’ data is stored on their device, and backed up to a personal cloud. When they choose to exchange it with an organisation, a copy of the requested data leaves the user’s’ device in an anonymised data file. Organisations get access to a data file containing anonymised data from the respondents they’ve requested information from.


There are tons of pre-defined audiences available on the exchange. Variables include demographics, specific smartphone users and household income to name just a few. If you can’t see the audience you need in the list, just let us know and we can create this for you. Being able to manually create your own specific audiences is a premium feature coming soon.

If you can’t see the audience that you want from the list, we can create a new audience for you. All you have to do is tell us what variables you need and we will do the rest for you. Being able to manually create your own specific audiences is a premium feature coming soon.


We have a panel size of over 50,000 real humans that span multiple countries across the globe. We work hard to ensure every individual is a real, unique user, so you can rest assured your data will be of the highest quality. In the audience section you can see what groups of people you can speak to. If you want to reach a more specific audience, just get in touch using the button the ‘Audiences’ page.


All meData that you can add to your survey is ‘fresh’ at the point that you request it. For digital data (e.g. Facebook likes, apps installed on device, etc), we do a pull of the data at the moment the participant completes the survey, making sure it is completely up-to-date. For survey-based meData (e.g. age, household income, etc), where possible we make this data dynamic (e.g. for age we ask date of birth, but to maintain anonymity we send age in years), and for other data that changes (e.g. household income) we allow users to update it in their profile section, and prompt them to do so on a regular basis.

meData is data our users already have stored about themselves in their CitizenMe app, meaning you can get the information you need without having to ask a question. This ranges from simple data like demographics, to awesome digital data like Facebook likes, or device data like apps installed on their smartphone, or personality type like OCEAN Big 5. You can add meData to your survey in the ‘Select meData’ tab.

You only get what meData you request in the ‘Select meData’ tab. Each meData item is unique: you can see what’s included by clicking on the ‘what’s this?’ tooltip next to each meData item.


Company Details

Yes. All organisations remain anonymous by default. If you want to create a particularly positive brand experience with your research, you do have the option to add your organisation’s name to the survey that is sent to participants.

Simply click on your organisation’s name at the top, then go to the ‘Organisation’ tab to edit details. Note that only organisation admins can edit organisation details.


Paying could not be simpler and can be done in two ways:

1) When you have selected your data and written your questions, simply enter your card details on the payment screen, press pay and publish and your transaction will be processed.

2) You can ‘top-up’ your account on the ‘my account’ section of the CitizenMe Exchange, which can be accessed from the dropdown menu. This means you don’t have to enter card details each time you want to publish a survey.

Yes. If you pay by credit card we’ll email you with a copy of your receipt. You can find all your receipts and invoices in the ‘My Account’ tab from within your organisation settings.