CAN – Conscious Advertising Network
CAN – Conscious Advertising Network 743 496 Claudia Velilla

The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) has launched with the aim of taking a stand against unethical practices in advertising. Last week, CitizenMe joined CAN’s launch event as part of the…

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Royal Society: Privacy Enhancing Technology
Royal Society: Privacy Enhancing Technology 2048 2048 StJohn Deakins

Our global digital society is rapidly changing. In the space of a decade, the concept of  “Privacy” has gone from being an essential human right, to being dismissed as an…

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Robots working
The Future of Work
The Future of Work 1276 844 Henry Wellington

The world as we know it was built on the idea that you work for a living. Your place in society is generally determined by the work you or your…

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Becoming digital Citizens: From survive to thrive
Becoming digital Citizens: From survive to thrive 1920 1281 StJohn Deakins

“Saving our planet” is now one of the most pressing global issues for humanity. As we progress out of the industrial era into a new era of digital knowledge, the…

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Time Square
How We Help Advertising Agencies Win
How We Help Advertising Agencies Win 640 421 Alexia Keller

Unlocking Deeper And Richer Data On Key Audiences Our Approach In the world of advertising competition is tough and standing-out requires a cut-through point of difference. These points of difference…

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MeData Wheel CitizenMe
What is MeData?
What is MeData? 1546 1838 Alexia Keller

Discover the science of MeData Personal data can be explained as a jigsaw puzzle, comprised of thousands of unique, but necessary pieces. Each individual piece, on its own, will contain…

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CitizenMe at #PIE17
CitizenMe at #PIE17 3447 2415 Beth Hepple

On Monday, some of us CitizenMe peeps had the privilege of attending #PIE17, which was hosted by our friends over at CtrlShift. Being the newbie, it was my first time…

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