Tandem Bank
Agile Product Innovation
Agile Product Innovation 1240 588 Beth Hepple

The Challenge As a challenger to the big-name high street banks, Tandem needed an agile, cost-effective and cutting-edge solution to test new concepts, features and designs with richly profiled consumer…

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Understanding niche customer groups
Understanding niche customer groups 1240 588 Beth Hepple

The Challenge IFF needed to get fast feedback from a niche group of consumers in the UK about their attitudes and behaviours around using different laundry detergents. The CitizenMe Solution…

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Wolff Olins
Creating thought leading research
Creating thought leading research 960 455 Beth Hepple

The Challenge Being internationally recognised thought leaders in brand and business change, Wolff Olins needed high-quality research to provide the foundation of a white paper report. They wanted data with…

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Measuring brand NPS
Measuring brand NPS 1240 588 Beth Hepple

The Challenge As a fast growing mobile phone brand, Wileyfox needed a cost-effective way of measuring brand performance to identify key areas for improvement. Ultimately, they wanted to inform their…

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Next generation audience profiles
Next generation audience profiles 1240 588 Beth Hepple

The Challenge OMD are a leading advertising agency whose planners are searching for rich customer profiles to better define their new campaigns. To gain competitive advantage for their clients,¬†they sought…

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