Zero Party Data

A breakthrough platform - the only Zero Data exchange app that is fully operational with real customers.

Empower, grow and transform your organisation, with Zero Party Data

CitizenMe is a global community of ‘Digital Citizens’ who use the CitizenMe app to gather data, surface data-insights about themselves, and to receive hyper-personalised products and services. Citizens happily share their data, on their terms, with the brands they love and with the causes they care about.

We are a Zero Data Marketplace platform. Always on, 24/7 engaged digital Citizens who are 100% verified; no bots allowed.

We accelerate conversations with digital citizens to provide you with the human stories and insights to make quick strategic decisions. Expand your 360 view of the customer with human stories told from over 350+ MeData types that delivers instant market research results.

Find the right plan for your business

For the Startup’s

Know with live, in-the-moment surveys. Real humans with verified multi-variate data (we don’t do quick and dirty!), and stunning data visualisations, image galleries and interactive charts. Payment is pay-as-you-go and we’ve now simplified the pricing for you too.

Corporate Innovator

Grow with always-on access to deep data, directly from your customers, members, and the global CitizenMe community. Customise the platform with bespoke data integrations, proprietary algorithmic insights solutions, and new data sources, and seamlessly integrate to your CRM.


Transform your business with our hyper-personalised ZeroData platform. White-label our platform
to license the CitizenMe ‘ZeroData’ technology stack and supercharge your first zero party data architecture. Leverage the global community and run as a managed service, or license the software
The choice is yours.

Stay on top
Stay on top of changing data regulations and compliance. Our Zero Data Architecture uses privacy-by-design and data minimisation principles to hold no Personally identifiable information (PII).

One-of-a-kind technology
We bring the AI to Citizens. Our platform holds all data on users’ smartphones through processing on the edge. The AI is on the CitizenMe app, collects and stores data only on Citizen’s phones.

Extend your 360 view
Extend the view of your customers with over 350+ MeData types that our customers have pre-shared through our Zero Data app. Enhance your CX using the existing data points to create mind-blowing personalisation for your customers.