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MeData turns every survey into an insight generating machine. Rich attitudinal, behavioural and psychographic data allows businesses to move beyond the ‘what’ and straight to ‘why’.

Insights everywhere you go

The power of our Exchange is available 24/7/365. We are in over 180 countries and have completed over 3,5-million exchanges. Use the Exchange on your laptop or your tablet for the best experience.

Research Audiences for Surveys

How we can help you find your survey audience. There is no audience we cannot find or assist our customers in managing the research of. Some partners prefer to use their own closed audiences, built off their campaigns, product launches or in-field recruitment. For all others we are able to source, build and manage large and small audiences. These include national audiences, brand specific target markets and product user groups.

We are global, allowing customers to get surveys done in the UK, North America (USA & Canada), throughout Europe, Australia, South America and all of Asia.

What our customers say

See what Jemma Elliot from global full-service agency Wolf Ollins thinks about working with CitizenMe

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