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Gambling and the FIFA World Cup 2022 – Part 1

Gambling and the FIFA World Cup 2022 Part 1 The men's FIFA World Cup is upon us again after 4 years away. People around the UK are watching the wins and losses of each team, cheering on their country and hoping they will go all the way to the final.  Wins and losses are also [...]

Gambling and the FIFA World Cup 2022 – Part 2

Gambling and the FIFA World Cup 2022 Part 2 In the previous part of this case study, we showcased some findings about UK Citizens betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022 versus those who won’t bet. A key discovery was 44% are classified as moderate or severe in their experiences towards gambling, when assessed by [...]

Exploring The Eating Out Habits of UK and US Citizens

How Different Are Eating Out Habits Between The UK and US? Using a variety of CitizenData to understand the behaviours, motivations and health habits towards eating out CitizenMe ran a study on eating out habits of UK and US Citizens. It uses deep verified behaviours by utilising points like psychometrics, health data, demographics and attitudes. [...]

Which Takeaway App is the Most Popular?

Which Takeaway App is the Most Popular? Using Verified Digital Behaviours to Analyse UK Takeaway Habits We have created a case study on food takeaway services in the UK. It uses deep verified digital behaviours by utilising the takeaway apps installed on peoples smartphones, whilst being overlaid with other data points like psychometrics, demographics and [...]

Is Apple helping the UK to be healthier?

Is Apple helping the UK to be healthier? Connected devices for health tracking have never been more in trend and accepted in society as a major contributor to the health of everyday people. Indeed, Deloitte predicts that 320 million consumer health and wellness wearable devices will ship worldwide in 2022, rising to 440 million units [...]

Citi Mappers: Broadband Edition

Citi Mappers: Broadband Edition We mapped Citizen's broadband insights and this is what happened Sometimes the story’s about the story, and sometimes the story’s about the data - in this case it’s about broadband insights. We wanted to understand the differences in broadband speed across the UK and what impacted this. To do this, we [...]

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Sustainable Farming

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Sustainable Farming The Challenge Bluenumber is an organisation that is developing metrics around the United Nations -Sustainable Development Goals (UN -SDGs), which are then used to collect data from farmers producing edible oils in Indonesia and Bangladesh. The challenge for Bluenumber was to collect data in rural areas and provide [...]

Data-powered PR

Data-powered PR The Challenge As a PR agency, FieldHouse has always used MUSO data to show what’s happening across privacy networks and unlicensed channels. The challenge for FieldHouse was to provide an insight on why people might be using unlicensed channels and what issues consumers using licensed channels are encountering. This would allow them to [...]

Data for good: research for charities

Data for good: research for charities The Challenge MQ: transforming mental health are a research charity whose vision is “to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented.” A challenge for MQ (like many charities) was finding easy access to data to help plan new initiatives and research. The SolutionCitizenMe’s [...]

The path to growth – UK Challenger Banks

The path to growth - UK Challenger Banks The Challenge Challenger banks are a hot topic in the UK. But with current account switching behaviour at very low levels, who is likely to put their money and trust into a relatively unknown digital-only bank? The SolutionOur approach was simple: we integrated multi-source data to paint [...]

Agile Product Innovation

Agile Product Innovation The Challenge As a challenger to the big-name high street banks, Tandem needed an agile, cost-effective and cutting-edge solution to test new concepts, features and designs with richly profiled consumer audiences. The SolutionThe consultancy team at CitizenMe worked closely with Tandem to define an outcome driven, JTBD product innovation and insight methodology. [...]

Measuring brand NPS

Measuring brand NPS The Challenge As a fast growing mobile phone brand, Wileyfox needed a cost-effective way of measuring brand performance to identify key areas for improvement. Ultimately, they wanted to inform their short and longer term business strategy. The SolutionAs a cost-efficient solution, they chose to do an NPS study using a web survey [...]

Creating thought leading research

Creating thought leading research The Challenge Being internationally recognised thought leaders in brand and business change, Wolff Olins needed high-quality research to provide the foundation of a white paper report. They wanted data with integrity through an approach that was ethical, providing participants with fair compensation. And naturally, they needed it fast to fit tight [...]

Understanding niche customer groups

Understanding niche customer groups The Challenge IFF needed to get fast feedback from a niche group of consumers in the UK about their attitudes and behaviours around using different laundry detergents. The SolutionIFF didn’t have to waste time writing and scripting the various profiling questions they wanted; instead, they could rely on the rich profiling [...]

Next generation audience profiles

Next generation audience profiles The Challenge OMD are a leading advertising agency whose planners are searching for rich customer profiles to better define their new campaigns. To gain competitive advantage for their clients, they sought a more integrated insight platform. The SolutionOMD utilised the the CitizenMe Exchange to integrate, psychometrics, smartphone and app usage data and [...]