The data platform with more humanity

Grow with human data.
Use human intelligence to connect.
Understand with human knowledge.
Make human impact more positive.

Privacy First, You Own Your Own Data.
We all generate huge amounts of personal data every second. CitizenMe helps you to gather your data into your own private and secure Smartphone App. Your data is valuable to you and to others. Own it.

Empowering Everyone With Their Data.
Most things we do in life now leave a trail of personal data. Our mission is to empower everyone with their own data and enable us all to participate to create new value and a better digital future for all.

CitizenMe App
A ‘digital mirror’. Safe, secure with instant payment when transacting data. All data is stored in the smartphone only. CitizenMe does not hold a copy of personal data, giving all digital Citizens full control over their privacy.

Gather data from social media, downloaded apps, personal opinions, donations of personal experiences to charitable causes and much more.

What is Zero Party Data?
Zero Party Data is a technology principle that respects the right to privacy first.

The CitizenMe app ensures that all digital Citizens receive fair value reward in exchange use of their data. The CitizenMe app enables us all to engage with companies, organisations & charities we love, all anonymously by default. For businesses, when your customer understands themselves better – and you earn their trust –  you can understand them better too. 

A breakthrough platform – the worlds first Zero-Party Data exchange app that is fully operational.

With 3.5 billion smartphones, on average download 250 million apps daily, it’s clear that data needs to be protected.

Our Citizens choose to share their downloaded app data to provide human research in exchange for rewards.

Our software incorporates the top apps across both Android and iOS devices in the UK & USA.