Your data in your hands
And a better world within reach

We believe in better

We’re all citizens in an increasingly digital world; from the individual to businesses, organisations, and governments. We all produce the data so we should all have a stake in not only how it’s used, but in the outcome.

CitizenMe helps customer-obsessed organisations to build deeper human relationships and understanding, with trust.

 Whether it’s erthical Consumer Insights fuelled by thousands of behavioural data types, or hyper-private, hyper-personal coupons. CitizenMe can is here to help. 


Citizens should own their data, control when and how they share it, and see the benefits of doing so. That can be via personal insights, monetary value, contributing to the causes they care about, and better health and lifestyle outcomes driven by a personal AI.


Businesses benefit from a healthy information economy that produces sustainable growth and more accurate, more valuable data. Real people, real data, shared honestly and ethically creates less liability and exponentially more opportunity.


Society will be transformed for the better with the help of personal information ownership and participatory approaches to data use. By empowering individuals with valuable personal insights from their own data, we can inspire change, inform policy making, and create better health and life outcomes for all.

More than just words

The world runs on information. Our personal data powers big businesses and influences policy decisions. Our data is the most powerful fuel for Artificial Intelligence. But most of us don’t own our data or see any benefit ourselves. That’s why CitizenMe is the data platform with more humanity. It exists to empower everyone to take ownership of their data and choose how to use it to build a better world.

Every citizen is important and people are more than a market segment. We’re all citizens in a digital society and we all deserve to own our data. When we do, magical things happen for people, businesses and society. When we do, magical things happen for people, businesses and society.

Citizens decide what matters to them and what to do with their data. CitizenMe is a platform designed to facilitate that, not decide for people.

Your data belongs to you. You choose what to do with it. You see the benefit. You own it. It never even leaves your smartphone with CitizenMe.

Data can be used collectively by the communities that produce it, from creating better social policy to patient groups sharing data for medical research.

Citizens control what to share, for what, and with who. Data remains on your smartphone, encrypted, anonymised, and safe. No leaky databases.

See how your data is used and who you’re sharing it with. Even on this site, see what we say to clients and how we encourage them to be citizens too.

The best data produces the best outcomes; from fitness insights to medical research, brand loyalty to personal rewards, and everything in between.

Better data and deeper insight is more valuable than just adding to the haystack. The quality of both data and its outcomes matters more than quantity.

CitizenMe will be a net carbon negative business within the next year, with action then taken to cover our historic carbon footprint too.

Everyone has a role to play in building the future, from personal habits to business practices. That includes not-for-profit and social benefit schemes by CitizenMe too.

Some history on CitizenMe

CitizenMe started in 2014, long before the term zero-party data was coined, never mind being the hot topic of the AI, data research and marketing worlds. Even then we were true believers in the power of Human Centred Data to transform our digital society for the better. We also knew that the status quo of mass data harvesting without proper user consent would have to change.

So we began to build that change.

The mission was clear: everyone connected to the internet is a digital citizen who deserves more control over and value from their data. When this happens we unlock exponential new value for everyone.

The initial CitizenMe put advanced privacy controls in the hands of citizens, letting them control the access to their data that apps and websites demanded. It informed citizens of concerning data clauses buried in complex terms of service agreements. It presented a ‘digital mirror’ to social media users, allowing them to see how their profiles and personas as advertisers might and make changes across multiple sites.

At launch the original app gathered a flurry of interested tech press coverage and a limited, but enthusiastic audience of approximately 20,000 users.

Next came a ‘citizen revenue plan’ to empower citizens to share in the value of their data, giving payments to citizens who shared their data based upon digital advertising revenue.

A good start, but CitizenMe needed to grow.

CitizenMe 2.0 was built to be bigger, better, and more appealing for mass market adoption

The app evolved to be simpler to use with more opportunities than ever for citizens to share the value of their data. An overhauled UX design expanded ways for citizens to earn additional cash and rewards for both data sharing and market research surveys, without it feeling like work or ‘just ticking boxes’.

state of the art consumer insights data exchange platform connected citizens who wanted to share their data with the businesses and organisations looking for better, deeper data and insights. All of it ethical, consented, anonymised and using advanced AI and ‘processing on the edge’ to ensure citizens data never left their smartphones.

500,000+ citizens joined the new app. Users rewarded this new version with a consistent 4.2 – 4.5 star rating in app stores. Blue chip companies looking for better data and insights became customers. While government organisations and multinational businesses started requesting to licence our technology stack.

As the world starts looking toward a promising data future, we’re already building it; the data platform with more humanity

The current CitizenMe is more than just marketing research and purely transactional monetary rewards. The focus is on the wider value of data and information, creating a healthy data ecosystem that benefits everybody.

Citizens have more control and can choose what kind of value they want from sharing their data; not just cash or discounts, but charitable and data donations to social and medical causes they care about. AI on their own device can offer personal, private insights into everything from sleep patterns to better workouts.

Citizens and organisations will soon be able to come together to form new communities, collectively using the platform themselves for data sharing for better societal outcomes. For example; diabetics combine health and lifestyle data like glucose levels, step counts, sleep patterns, weather data, and more as a patient group for immediate insights and to benefit medical research.

pioneering new data exchange marketplace offers businesses and organisations insights and trends based on previously impossible data. All with ethical data and privacy standards that go beyond compliance to current and upcoming legislation. Real data and real ethics that are marketable and build brand trust.

Platform offered as an insights tool for company intranets integrating into internal systems to create a powerful insights dashboard.

Even as one of the original pioneers of ethical data ownership and the first creators of a fully functioning zero-party data platform, we’re just beginning to realise the benefits of what’s possible.