About CitizenMe

Welcome to CitizenMe. Empowering you with your data.

CitizenMe’s mission is to bring people and companies together to share information for mutual benefit. It’s a democracy in the truest sense; ethical because it’s fully opted-in, powerful because we integrate data from multiple sources and effective because the insights we provide add tangible value. We believe it’s the way human data should be done, and our clients agree.

Discover what your data can do for you

Get value for being you

Your data has value. CitizenMe pays you instant cash rewards every time you exchange it with businesses.

You’re in control

Your data is stored on your phone, never by CitizenMe. When you exchange it, we always anonymise it before it leaves your device.

Your data has power

Your data is fascinating! See what it says about you and how you compare to others by unlocking personal insights.

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