Calling all Corporate Innovators

Grow with always-on access to deep data – directly from your customers, members, or the global CitizenMe community. Request new APIs and new data sources, and seamlessly integrate to your existing apps or Customer Relationship platforms. Our friendly consultants are always on hand to help with Data Survey set up, fieldwork, consulting and reporting.

What more could you ask for?

  • Understand your audience from another dimension.
  • Advanced, in-the-moment, AI-driven insights such as sentiment analysis.
  • Establish private communities for secure and personal data conversations.
  • Analyse the aggregated results using clustering and segmentation analysis tools.
  • Auto-output all graphs and tables to PDF and CSV files.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Best-in-class sentiment analysis for all of your collected open text “verbatim” responses.
  • Displayed beautifully right there in the platform’s real-time analysis page, showing you:
  • Negative sentiment score
  • Neutral sentiment score
  • Positive sentiment score
  • Word cloud
  • Ranked list of the positive/negative verbatims
  • Find the sentiment scores crossed by all the other questions and data collected in your data survey.
  • All the verbatims are cleaned using spell check, and if the verbatims are in another language, don’t worry – we translate these for you too!

Image Upload

  • See 1,000 pictures of your on-the-shelf products in real life.
  • Citizens can take/upload live photos from their photo library and share instantly.
  • View, search and analyse – instantly.
  • Search via a unique identifier in our platform.
  • Download folder feature for easy management.
  • Image OBJECT RECOGNITION. At a 75%+ confidence, we can create a taxonomy of the objects shown in all of the images that you have collected!
  • Fully consented platform that moderates photos before they are displayed in your gallery, with mask faces functionality options.

Prototype Testing

  • Ideal for testing website flows or app functionality.
  • Get qualitative research with prototype testing.
  • Seamlessly integrated within a normal survey tool, you simply create a journey start-point and a journey end-point.
  • Create test scenarios with integrated platforms, e.g. Invision, Figma and more.
  • Get instant answers!
  • Understand the lifestyle characteristics of the citizens taking the test, ask them before and after questions, for 100s of citizens in minutes.

Combine ‘Swipe questions’, ‘Sentiment analysis’, ‘Downloaded app data’, ‘Image upload’ and more, to create the ultimate, agile user testing use cases – and a remarkable pre-launch understanding of your audience.

Click-of-a-Button Data

  • We all hate having to fiddle with raw data, structure it into tables, and to FINALLY get to the analysis stage.
  • There are whole teams dedicated to this, but we enable you to have your data, codebook and tables all in one place – instantly with the click of a button.
  • Within the Excel spreadsheet we have:
  • Codebook
  • Table with counts
  • Table with percentages
  • Table with index
  • Raw data
  • Image recognition tables and codebook
  • As real time data comes in, you can download this data as many times as you want and update to the latest data.


  • Create private communities with the people that you’d love to hear from. Always on, high quality permissioned data with answers – all provided in-the-moment.
  • An unmatched suite of interaction tools including swipe questions, photo uploads, vox-pops, psychometrics, prototype testing, sentiment analysis and much more.
  • Additional terms of service can enable private, permissioned and secure sharing of personal data.
  • Communities can be branded or unbranded.
  • Invite members from your existing communities with a simple dynamic link.
  • Invite members from the our community based on their CitizenMe Data.
  • Screen new members by verifying device data and/or asking additional questions.
  • Integrate the community and live data conversations directly into your Customer Data Platform.

The Innovator Plan

Test Segmentation strategies
develop rich-personas
Staff training
React to changing consumer trends
✓ Always on audience, available 24/7
✓ Unlimited 350+ MeData Types
Expert support

£2,000pm + setup fee