The future of data strategy
That’s already paying dividends today

Ask for more than more

Better data, business, and outcomes

Why sit on a pile of junk data? Ethical data is better data. It’s more accurate, honest, and valuable. Gain previously impossible insight by analysing combinations of downloaded app data, usage, lifestyle data, psychometric testing, sentiment analysis, and more. All shared ethically by real people and otherwise unreachable.

  • Analyse 350+ existing data types or create bespoke new ones
  • Combine Q&A, sentiment analysis, lifestyle data, app usage and more
  • Deeper insight for enterprise and research organisations with less liability

Users share the benefits to build trust, loyalty, and drive deeper engagement

You have your audience

We have the tech to understand them

CitizenMe is an ethical data platform and research technology stack designed for the real world. Built for the future and tailored to your specific needs, it goes far beyond traditional market research solutions and data management tools. Smart enough to find otherwise impossible insight in complex data. Simple enough to hit the ground running.

  • Research and testing from simple Q&A to advanced prototyping
  • Advanced AI analysis all done on user devices with edge computing
  • Integrate our tech into your existing user bases, solutions, and data lakes
  • Ditch the data entry and keep your teams results focused with streamline tools

Illuminating insight

Without the shadow cast by the cloud

Data strategy, legislation, and personal habits are all changing. It’s time to change with them. That’s why our research technology combines privacy by design, edge computing, and zero party data for data strategy with more humanity. Ethical data provides deeper insights without the compliance headaches. Meaning less liability and more opportunity.

  • Privacy by design with all data fully permissioned by your users
  • No cloud to leak. No databases to hack. No personal info held
  • Future proof good data practice that  builds trust and brand loyalty
  • Designed to go beyond current compliance legislation and limit liability

The future is here

Tailor made for you today

Embracing the future of data strategy and management is about more than future proofing your business or organisation. It’s about what’s possible today. So whether you’re looking to pioneer new research or out-compete your competitors, it’s time to make a positive change.