Become a Citizen and unlock the value of your data

For all its perks, being a Citizen of the internet demands a lot from your privacy. You’re asked to share your information countless times a day, so isn’t it time you ask for something in return?

Get to know the real ‘YOU’

With over 25 best-in-class personality scales, CitizenMe quizzes are a quick and fun way to privately reveal a little more about yourself. Useful knowledge about the world, your community, and even your personality, all at the touch of your fingertips.

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Influence business decisions and get paid

Influence business decisions and get paid

Share your data with companies and causes you believe in and help those who sell ideas and products to get it right. Or break some ground by taking part in medical research – you can shape the way that businesses, researchers and even campaign groups act in the future.

Your data is private, stored in your cloud, for you to share only when you choose.

Download your CitizenMe app and join the community

Download your CitizenMe app and join the community

  • Choose to share with the global community
  • Create knowledge that can help save lives
  • Support the services that are keeping us all safe