Data Privacy is a Right 

For all its perks, being a Citizen of the internet demands a lot from your privacy. You’re asked to share your information countless times a day, so isn’t it time you ask for something in return?
Reclaim your digital superpower.

Your Data: Exchange it for fair rewards. 

What is CitizenMe?
CitizenMe is a Paid Survey + Data Wallet + Personality Test app – all in one. Powered by Zero Data exchange technology that protects your privacy and data rights.

The only ethical Zero Data app

We are the only Zero Data app in the world. Through our tech, regain your data privacy. You are in full control – your data is stored on your phone; Zero Data with us. 

You share your MeData with consent; we anonymise the data and remove any personal identification, and provide you with a fair reward for your data. Thus, collectively protecting our data privacy and rights together.

Use as a data wallet
It’s your data wallet – Your data is stored locally on your phone. Zero data is stored with us. Use CitizenMe as a data wallet to collect, view and control MeData about you.

Insights into you
Free Personality Tests to improve your health and life choices – You can collect a copy and use our surveys to gain insights about your personality traits. Make better decisions around your career, your mental health and online internet usage.

Get Paid Instantly

Rewards and donations – Connect CitizenMe to your PayPal account and get paid instantly upon completion of a data exchange. Or give back by donating your data to climate change research, charities or medical research.

(Future payment options are coming….)