Your data in your hands
And a better world within reach

Hyper-Private, Hyper-Personal, Offers 

CitizenMe empowers over half a million people with the most contextual hyper-personal offers that are possible anywhere, in a completely privacy-preserving way.

Our highly secure app empowers ‘Citizens’ (users) with the power of their own data. It enables Citizens to gather their own behavioural data (shopping, health, social media) into their own in-app.

A personal AI in the app then serves the best possible offers and coupons in the context of the moment the Citizen is in.

Browsing a holiday site? Receive holiday offers.  Shopping in a supermarket? Receive Grocery offers.  Training for a 5K Park run? Receive health, fitness and sports offers to help you train.

Storing and processing all of the data securely in the individual’s own app ensures the utmost safety and privacy while delivering an unrivalled, hyper-personalised, experience.

Starting An Ethical Hyper-Personalisation Revolution

CitizenMe helps customer-obsessed organisations to build deeper human relationships and understanding, with mutual trust and mutual reward.

Our purpose is to improve the way that the internet works for the benefit of all, creating a more sustainable digital future.

If you would like to provide a similar service for your own customers, contact our technology partner DataSapien:


Hyper-personalised offers
Hyper-personalised offers