We are here for the Start Ups

A breakthrough platform - the only Zero Data exchange app that is fully operational. Our 350,000 digital Citizens are available 24/7 and have pre-shared over 300+ types of their MeData – from housing to income to their personality types.

Our ‘Pay as you survey’ plan is great for start ups.

  • Make consumer research as easy as a Google search.
  • Always-on access to real time information.
  • Get answers in minutes.
  • Get live data & insights, direct to your dashboard.
  • Deep data conversations with  350,000+ Global Citizens.
  • Advanced Q&A access to 110million respondents.
  • 70% of the fee goes direct to our Citizens.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive question types and Templates

We house a full suite of all the consumer research question types that you’d expect.
From single choice, multiple choice, a variety of pre-formatted rating scales, and open text input.

We also boast about our prototype testing question that interlinks seamlessly with Figma and Invision.

Swipe question types help get instant impulse decision making

  • Measure gut reactions in seconds.
  • Add multiple images and text for Citizens to provide their impulsive binary responses.
  • Tap directly into instinctive decision-making.
  • Results are displayed in a simple-to-read bar chart, quickly surface insights with a simple scan.
  • Find swiped answers crossed-tabbed against any other data and answers in your survey.

In-App test links to help your team provide feedback before your survey goes out.

  • Send unlimited test to your team to gather feedback on their mobile devices.
  • Test and interact exactly how the audience would.
  • Swiftly send direct to your email inbox and access your draft-survey inside the app.

Take advantage of our In-App Psychometrics

  • Built-in Academic-grade psychometrics.
  • Self-reporting tests from leading academic papers: multiple personality indicators plus niche scales.
  • Strong API integration to bring in third party expert rating scales.
  • Each psychometric scale is completed within the app, ‘Citizen First’, and securely stored on the Citizen’s phone.
  • Situationally-specific scales are updated by context.

Use Image & Video Concept questions understand users perspectives

  • Test a new marketing video before the launch or better yet during the project build.
  • Set pre-media text, explaining the purpose of the product test.
  • 12 alternative ways to ask your questions.
  • Figma, Invision, Jpeg, MP4 and GIF media all supported.
  • Time limit functionality.
  • Combine impulse (swipe) and deliberative (rank or verbatim) questions to gather a mixture of feedback styles.

Over 150 Data types to choose from, find your audience, target personas, or research competitors.

  • With 3.5 billion smartphones, on average download 250 million apps daily  in 2019, it’s clear that data needs to be protected.

    Our Citizens choose to share their downloaded app data for company research in exchange for rewards.
  • Our software incorporates the top apps across both Android and iOS devices in the UK & USA.
  • Dont see the app you need? Just tell us and our developers will incorporate it to the next update.
  • Select audiences based on specific apps
  • Find out the key demographics of your app or competitor app users.
  • You can even discover a better understanding of your competitor’s app users too.


The ‘Start-Up’ Plan

Co-create with customers
A/B test new concepts
Invision & Figma integration
Test wireframes/ new Products
✓ Include in Agile Sprint cycles
✓ Unlimited 350+ MeData Types
Expert support