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May 2017

Consuming color
Consuming color 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Heights 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Bed 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Swipe keyboard
Swipe keyboard 150 150 Beth Hepple

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“Follow The Bloody Algorithm!”
“Follow The Bloody Algorithm!” 150 150 StJohn Deakins

For the first time ever I missed my train last Sunday night. I was traveling up to this weeks Advances In Data Science event in Manchester to talk about algorithms…

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Lunch 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Day of the week
Day of the week 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Rain 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Shoes in the house
Shoes in the house 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Graffiti 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Showers vs baths
Showers vs baths 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Dating apps
Dating apps 150 150 Beth Hepple

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