Data for good: research for charities

Data for good: research for charities 150 150 Georgie Morgan

Data for good: research for charities

The Challenge

MQ: transforming mental health are a research charity whose vision is “to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented.” A challenge for MQ (like many charities) was finding easy access to data to help plan new initiatives and research.

The Solution

CitizenMe’s communities functionality allowed MQ to create a safe space where people openly and honestly shared their opinions about a highly sensitive subject: mental health. Within the app, respondents easily donated their data to support research that’s important to them. In this way, MQ actively engaged in dialogue with their dedicated consumer groups, encouraging essential long-term feedback for new initiatives in the near and longer term.

The Result

With the CitizenMe platform, MQ received hundreds of responses to their questions within hours. They were given a deeper understanding about how health and income influence donating for different consumer groups, and saw which charity events would be most popular among those groups. This knowledge informed strategic decision-making by identifying the most popular activities and events, and promoting them accordingly. These quick insights gave MQ affirmation in their planning, and formed the core of their marketing message for a new initiative on their website.

What they said

It changes how we look at our planning to make sure we are acting on what people want from a charity, to encourage them to give and support. It’s a great insight that’s incredibly quick and the interface is really easy to use.

Nikki Peters, Campaign Manager

Perhaps this is something you wish to investigate further yourself. You can do this all through the CitizenMe Marketplace platform. Check out how to do this here: