Next generation audience profiles

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Next generation audience profiles

The Challenge

OMD are a leading advertising agency whose planners are searching for rich customer profiles to better define their new campaigns. To gain competitive advantage for their clients, they sought a more integrated insight platform.

The Solution

OMD utilised the the CitizenMe Exchange to integrate, psychometrics, smartphone and app usage data and social media activity, to better define and understand audience profiles. They used both survey data and digital behavioural data integrated at the individual level.

The Result

OMD were able to move beyond demographic profiling, into affinity based profiling. They unlocked new insight about their client’s audiences that were not limited to set demographic groups but defined around customer interests and digital behaviours.

What they said

I was amazed at how quick CitizenMe was. From scripting the questionnaire and selecting data points to receiving completed data took minutes rather than weeks! CitizenMe epitomises how market research and big data should work in harmony to generate the actionable consumer insights, agencies like OMD, have been searching years for.

Ben Mason, Insights Director, Advanced Customer Intelligence

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