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How to personalise your survey using logic
How to personalise your survey using logic 600 442 Beth Hepple

A survey is a conversation between your brand and an individual. Like all good conversations you should try and keep that conversation personal and relevant to who it is you’re…

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Desserts required
Desserts required 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Tea vs Coffee
Tea vs Coffee 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Your biggest vice?
Your biggest vice? 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Elections 150 150 Beth Hepple

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AI 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Afraid of bugs?
Afraid of bugs? 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Green thumb
Green thumb 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Family and friends
Family and friends 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Impulsive or cautious?
Impulsive or cautious? 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Space flight
Space flight 150 150 Beth Hepple

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Libraries 150 150 Beth Hepple

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