Agile Product Innovation

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Agile Product Innovation

The Challenge

As a challenger to the big-name high street banks, Tandem needed an agile, cost-effective and cutting-edge solution to test new concepts, features and designs with richly profiled consumer audiences.

Tandem Bank

The Solution

The consultancy team at CitizenMe worked closely with Tandem to define an outcome driven, JTBD product innovation and insight methodology. Using the CitizenMe platform, we created benchmarks and customised audiences to run insight projects that aligned with product design and marketing sprints.

The Result

Tandem were able to validate their early business and market assumptions, iterate their marketing messaging and define a customer strategy built around customer life outcomes. Their launch proposition is heavily influenced by the outcome of this research program.

What they said

The technology, data and expertise at CitizenMe has helped us shape our product strategy. We aim to transform our customer’s relationship with money and we can only do that if we understand the full picture of our customers lives. Integrated data and an outcome driven approach is at the heart of our success.

Tom Probert, Head of Insights & Propositions

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