Measuring brand NPS

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Measuring brand NPS

The Challenge

As a fast growing mobile phone brand, Wileyfox needed a cost-effective way of measuring brand performance to identify key areas for improvement. Ultimately, they wanted to inform their short and longer term business strategy.


The Solution

As a cost-efficient solution, they chose to do an NPS study using a web survey created on the CitizenMe platform. The unique survey link created was then put in an email campaign sent out to a portion of their customers. They were able to create a fully branded web survey with slick design that fitted with their overall brand.

The Result

Measuring brand NPS Wileyfox were able to analyse their results in real-time using the CitizenMe platform, and could pinpoint exactly where they needed to improve their customer experience. The research was taken to the board as proof of improvements needing to be made, with wholesale changes to large areas of the business being implemented as a result.

What they said

We’re delighted to have partnered with CitizenMe. We see them as a core partner in our growth strategy in the coming years. They are helping us with the basics like quick responses NPS and more in depth customer communities. All this gives us instant insight and quick access to our customers in a mobile native way.

Naeem Walji, CMO

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