Creating thought leading research

Creating thought leading research 150 150 Georgie Morgan

Creating thought leading research

The Challenge

Being internationally recognised thought leaders in brand and business change, Wolff Olins needed high-quality research to provide the foundation of a white paper report. They wanted data with integrity through an approach that was ethical, providing participants with fair compensation. And naturally, they needed it fast to fit tight deadlines.

The Solution

We first helped to frame the research problem and write the questionnaire, before publishing the survey to the CitizenMe app to collect 4000 responses across four countries in three continents.

The Result

Wolff Olins were able to reach 1000s of real people globally, reaching a nationally representative sample in each of the markets. The fieldwork took a matter of days to complete, and the research formed the basis of our joint work: Radical Everyone . The research won a Webby Award honourable mention for Corporate Communications.

What they said

After talking to a number of traditional research consultancies, we chose to work with CitizenMe as we really liked their philosophy – specifically the way that they offer people real value in return for their personal data. The platform felt innovative and the promise of global results, turned around quickly, was appealing. The experience delivered beyond expectations, and we were thrilled with the results.

Jemma Elliot, Global Head of Content

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