UN Sustainable Development Goals for Sustainable Farming

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Sustainable Farming 150 150 Georgie Morgan

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Sustainable Farming

The Challenge

Bluenumber is an organisation that is developing metrics around the United Nations -Sustainable Development Goals (UN -SDGs), which are then used to collect data from farmers producing edible oils in Indonesia and Bangladesh. The challenge for Bluenumber was to collect data in rural areas and provide insights to farmers completing the SDG scorecards surveys to present the results to UN members and government officials.

The Solution

Through our Exchange platform, we helped create 5 surveys in Bahasa Indonesian and input the data from 50 Indonesian palm oil farmers to test scoring and insight workflow. We did this ethically and quickly in order to meet tight deadlines.

The Result

Bluenumber was able to collect remote data within hours, which lowers the reliance on face-to-face fieldwork for communities who have access to the internet and a smartphone. Farmers were able to complete surveys that feed into the SDG scorecard and generate instant insights on their scores. Bluenumber was then able to meet the deadline to present the results to UN members and government officials.

What's next?

Bluenumber and CitizenMe will continue to work together to develop the project further. Bluenumber’s objective is to provide a unique identifier delivered over mobile phones and the Internet to every supply chain actor (farmers, producers, logistics operators, and consumers) to self-declare who they are, where they are, what they produce, and what services they offer. The information is maintained in an independent, neutral registry and shared on a global map (please see the video bellow). The registry of unique IDs promotes information disclosure by individuals and organisations, which enhances the potential for greater sustainability performance.

Separately, consumers can also use the SDG Score Card to measure their own contributions to the SDGs. Together, the intention is to enable radical transparency of the impact of the SDGs through the supply chain – from supplier to consumer. The ultimate aim is to improve social conditions for farmers and encourage sustainable environmental farming and consumption behaviours for us all.

What they said

Our partnership with CitizenMe is paving the way for remote and informed collection of data from rural communities in the Global South, giving us a universal platform that is easy to understand and deploy in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Pui Yi Chan, Program and communications manager

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