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For all its perks, being a citizen of the internet demands a lot from your privacy. You’re asked to share your information countless times a day, so isn’t it time you asked for something in return?
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CitizenMe quizzes are a quick, fun way to share a little about yourself and get something worth having in return. Useful knowledge about the world, your community and even your personality, at the touch of your fingertips.


The app helps you share your information with companies and causes you believe in for the long-term benefit of all. Help those who sell ideas and products to get it right more often or break some ground by taking part in medical research – you can shape the way that businesses, researchers and even campaign groups act in the future.

Do Good

Sharing is caring, which is why we’ve made it easy to volunteer. Quiz your way to sainthood by donating some data to charities and supporting them to do their good work.

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Quickfire quizzes

Coloured tiles guide you through quickfire quizzes – choose red to donate your results to a good cause, blue to learn something new or green to earn a little extra money. The light blue tiles are one-minute wonders, just for fun.

Real life value

Enjoy your citizenship – Share as much, or as little, as you like and discover the value your life online can bring you in the real world.

We practice what we preach

Your data is private. We don’t store it and we’ll never sell it. Instead, we give it a home on your phone in your own personal data cloud, for you to share only when you choose.

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