Leveraging 360º Life Data For Next Generation Consumer Insights

Leveraging 360º Life Data For Next Generation Consumer Insights 3840 1920 Shaun Richards

As our digital world accelerates, accessing accurate market intelligence has never been more important. Paradoxically, whilst exponentially more data is created in the world (currently around 150GB per person per day!), most of this data is not accessible to organisations to help create the better services, experiences and life outcomes that people expect. It’s also unavailable to new Generative AI models like 4 whose power can only ever be a function of the data that they consume.

360º Life Data – Variety is a Slice of Life

The CitizenMe platform overcomes this digital roadblock by enabling individuals to easily gather and control all their own ‘human data’. They are then free to share this rich new, verified, 360º life data directly with organisations, as they choose. We enable this through the CitizenMe Marketplace, a data exchange for human insights direct from people.

Of course ‘democratised data’ is great for the people who create and share it. What about the people who need to access 360º life data to make better, faster decisions for their businesses and brands?

The CitizenMe Marketplace democratises safe access to 360º life data for entire organisations: Insights, marketing, user experience, data science, they all benefit:

  1. Access to 400+ types of 360º human data that’s verified and structured at source, ready to drive decisions and feed directly into data science environments.
  2. Run global projects from a single dashboard: easy project design, powerful data collection, automated analysis, and insightful results.
  3. See results fast to hit deadlines, whilst maintaining optimal quality.
  4. Work collaboratively with all key stakeholders, internally and externally.
  5. Access to 360º human data that is verified and structured at source, generating insights that were previously unreachable, in a structure that is ready to feed directly into data science tasks.

Variety AND Volume: Traditional panels have their place too

In addition to the new CitizenMe Marketplace, which offers unrivalled varieties of rich verified insights data, traditional panels also have continued value. They offer lower fidelity Q&A data but with global audience coverage. For this reason, we partner with Cint, the monster ‘panel of panels’ comprising 5,000 panels and access to 255 million global respondents. It’s the panel behind services like Kantar, Attest, SurveyMonkey and NeilsenIQ

By partnering with Cint the CitizenMe Marketplace is able to provide the best of both worlds. At CitizenMe, we often liken this to getting a new phone with 5th Generation (5G) data in a world of 3rd Generation (3G) connectivity. 5G unlocks magical new insights, with high accuracy but initially has limited coverage. In the meantime you want the best available traditional 3G coverage to fall back on. Better yet, as it rolls out, the 5G coverage can be prioritised to where you need it to be.

360º Life Data

Credit: OneZen (pixabay)

3rd Generation Vs 5th Generation Data

3G CitizenMe Data: This is how the world accesses insights data today. The audience reach is broad, however the data can only ever be based on Q&A type questions (yes, even with ChatGPT!). The insight signal can be boosted by sophisticated analysis techniques. The data quality is often problematic as respondent fraud and spoofing are persistent issues, however it is still a reliable source of surface level data.

5G CitizenMe Data: Whilst 3G data gives simple web pages, 5G data is all about DATA, and lots of it. 5G enables live Google Maps, ultraHD movies and semi-autonomous cars. Similarly, the CitizenMe Marketplace offers data far beyond uni-dimensional Q&A data: health, finance, devices, apps, streaming services, socials, live and historic time-series, plus a suite of psychometric and mood insights. Algorithms run on the device to verify the data and pre-process insights (and there is much more in development in our labs). 

Similarities and differences: The best of “3G” insights data and “5G” insights data on the CitizenMe Platform

‘3G’ CitizenMe Data  ‘5G’ CitizenMe Data 
Data Survey Initiation The entire project is run on-demand via the CitizenMe Marketplace The entire project is run on-demand via the CitizenMe Marketplace
Data types Best in class quantitative questions types (but Q&A only) Deep 360 life data (400 data types including psychometrics, Apple & Google health, mobile device data etc.) 

& Best in class Q&A questions

Collection environment Sophisticated web browser  The native CitizenMe app
Reach 255 million global respondents  Growing user base with strengths in the UK, US and South Africa
Data processing Direct responses to questions asked in web forms ‘On-the-edge’ processing, all run on device for efficient, accurate pre-processed data
Audience  Traditional screen-outs matched to estimated incidence rate Granular targeting before survey launch, using 400 X 360º life data types
Link testing Via web browser Via the CitizenMe app
Survey cost Varies according to panel and incidence rates  Instant payments via PayPal or vouchers calculated on an interactive data price list
Data transparency Controls are based on the T&C’s of the individual panel providers Fully transparent, data shared is permissioned directly by the Citizen
GDPR compliant Yes, but based on the T&C’s of multiple panel providers Regulatory future proofed – all PII data is stored on device and consented at source
Analysis of data Via the CitizenMe Marketplace 

account dashboard

CitizenMe Marketplace account dashboard with additional 360º data viz (e.g. time series, image object recognition etc.)  
Project scoping Drafting and tests done on CitizenMe Marketplace with scoping and costs confirmed via SOW’s Always on, drafting, cost estimates, test and launch are instant within the CitizenMe Marketplace dashboard and tools


Next? Upgrading all 3rd Generation insight panels to 4th Generation. 

Later in 2023 we’ll use the power of 5th Generation Insights data to ‘upgrade’ traditional 3G insight panels, by fusing the data. A kind of “4G” insight data, if you will. For example, simultaneously running an insights project with the ‘5G’ community for deep, accurate insight signals from key strategic cohorts, and also with tens of thousands of traditional ‘3G’ Q&A respondents across multiple global markets for opportunity sizing. 

With individuals becoming more knowledgeable about their data, they want more control and transparency about what they share and with who. With 50% of consumer insights now non-Q&A data generated, there will be a natural move to our “5th Generation Insights” approach. Combined with generative AI for coding and analysis, we believe that access to always on 360º Life Data is the obvious future of Consumer Insights.

If you’re intrigued to hear more about the undiscovered insights you’re missing out on, and have a project that you’d like to try, please sign up or get in contact. We’d love to hear from you.