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Build a survey in minutes. Bring together multi-source data with ease. Inform your next step with the bigger picture. It's market research, only better.

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Choose from our simple templates to create a quick-to-build mini-survey. Learn from real people giving you rich, reliable data in real time. Turn that insight into something to grow your business. Do it all before lunch.

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Agile research at its best, our simple self-service tool integrates social, mobile and digital insights for you in quick-time, leaving you to react effectively to what your audience tells you.

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CitizenMe is a fully opted-in exchange of information – meaning your insights are always ethically sourced. And a Citizen’s data is never stored by us – it’s held in their personal data cloud, meaning their information and your reputation are always secure and protected.

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6 tutorials to help you become an expert researcher

Rating scales and how to work with them

When conducting market research, it is really important to try to get a balanced opinion from those you are surveying. While offering questions with a simple yes/no answer may give you the response you are looking for, you could gain a better and more accurate understanding of your audience, and increase the insights that you…

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How to write a great survey

Writing a survey is one of the most important parts of conducting research. Your questionnaire defines your inputs and the resulting data you end up working with. A poor questionnaire can lead to inaccurate data and insights. Here are five tips to avoid this outcome. 1. Clarity Keep your question wording simple. Use everyday language.…

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Data analysis: an introduction

You may have sent out a really successful survey and received a ton of responses, but are a bit of a novice when it comes to data analysis. We’re here to help! This is a really basic overview of how to understand data from a quantitative market research study. Descriptive statistics At the point of reviewing…

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How to personalise your survey using logic

A survey is a conversation between your brand and an individual. Like all good conversations you should try and keep that conversation personal and relevant to who it is you’re talking to. Logic is a feature you can use with most survey providers. It is a simple set of instructions that are predetermined by the…

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Defining your audience for research

When conducting research, defining your audience should be your first step. Knowing exactly who you want to speak to will make writing your questionnaire and setting your sample size much easier. Practically speaking, defining your audience is quite straightforward. You’re just choosing the most appropriate attributes that determine who is invited to your survey. Customer…

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