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We created the CitizenMe Exchange to give people greater control of their data and organisations unparalleled understanding of the citizens of the internet. Now, you can bring together survey responses with mobile, behavioural, attitudinal and social media data, all in one place, in moments. Base your decisions on humans, not hunches.

Humanising data. Informing brands.

We believed that if you give people the power to collect and control their own data, they’ll use it to influence brands, affect change and make the internet truly consumer-focussed. We were right.

Our exchanges connect you with consenting audiences to bring together multi-source data for a depth of understanding like never before. We power the fair exchange of data to bring audience insights to life, in the moment you need them.

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Organisations across the globe use our simple, rapid-response data exchanges to tap into Citizens’ data profiles in minutes.

With fast access to social, mobile, digital, attitudinal and behavioural data, you can bring thousands of real consumers to the decision table, exactly when you need them.


As pioneers in the science of deeper data insights, we help you to connect with consumers as people, not statistics.

Combine data from multiple sources simultaneously to inform your master plan: segment with precision, build brand love by creating communities and track real-time performance using rich, diverse insights.


We put data where it belongs – in the hands of the citizens of the web.

Sounds obvious, but it hasn’t been done before. By powering fair data exchanges, we’re opening the door for organisations to invigorate customer relationships and create entire new marketplaces.

We make data-driven understanding more civilised, so you can discover the true potential of people-powered insights.

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