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Version 3 of CitizenMe App
Version 3 of CitizenMe App 3578 2066 Nicki Gerrard

2023 is all about learning together This year CitizenMe will be changing things up with a focus on better life outcomes for everyone by helping Citizens access and harness the…

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Your digital reflection is your superpower.
Your New Digital Superpower
Your New Digital Superpower 850 560 StJohn Deakins

You have a new superpower. It’s hidden. It’s yours to claim. It will increasingly describe who we are, not only to others, but more profoundly, to ourselves too. Our memories…

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MeData Wheel CitizenMe
What is MeData?
What is MeData? 1546 1838 Alexia Keller

Discover the science of MeData Personal data can be explained as a jigsaw puzzle, comprised of thousands of unique, but necessary pieces. Each individual piece, on its own, will contain…

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Christmas Insight
And the best Christmas song is…
And the best Christmas song is… 1280 857 Beth Hepple

As our Citizens, you regularly share your thoughts with us via the app. When you complete those lovely light blue fun tiles, you can also see how your opinions compare.…

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