Hyper-personalised offers

Version 3 of CitizenMe App

Version 3 of CitizenMe App 3578 2066 Nicki Gerrard

2023 is all about learning together

This year CitizenMe will be changing things up with a focus on better life outcomes for everyone by helping Citizens access and harness the power of their own data.

Whether this is understanding more about yourself, others or maybe having more money in your pocket…The CitizenMe mission is to help all Citizens live better lives.

What's New

Hyper-personalised offers

Home Screen

The home page will see full-colour activity tiles replaced with white tiles to help accessibility. Smaller colour icons on the right-hand side will show the type of activity each survey is.

Me Tab

We’ve streamlined the Me tab to make updating your MeData simpler – Now you can see what sections need updating and allow you to do so easily .


The initial Beta rollout will be in the UK with other countries following a little later.

CitizenMe coupons will use a new personal AI within your app to privately learn what you like and provide you with items that will actually be of interest.

For example, If you never get take-out but keep being given coupons for fast food delivery, the CitizenMe app AI will learn this and tailor your feed accordingly.
This personalised algorithm sits within your device and is unique to you, ensuring that your data stays safe and you keep control.

This first release will learn from your interactions and help train your in-app AI. As it understands more about you the system will become even more fluid and allow greater functionality to follow after.

We’ll be learning together and your feedback will be essential to help us improve.

And hey, if coupons really aren’t your thing…you can easily switch them off!… Easy-peasy!

For support on using Coupons visit the CitizenMe Knowledge Base