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What is MeData?

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Discover the science of MeData

Personal data can be explained as a jigsaw puzzle, comprised of thousands of unique, but necessary pieces. Each individual piece, on its own, will contain some key information, but will never attain its full value and meaning until it is combined with others. Here at CitizenMe, we empower Citizens to bring these loose pieces together, creating a picture that is richer and more insightful than any one piece. We allow our business customers to study the full picture of a Citizen’s attitudes, beliefs, social connections and behaviours, all with their full consent. How? By equipping you with the endless possibilities of MeData.

MeData refers to Citizen’s personal data and the connections made between it by our powerful AI technologies. This data is collected and anonymously exchanged via the CitizenMe Exchange Platform, from Citizens using the App, and divided into three broad categories:

  1. Passively collected – With Citizens’ consent, this type of MeData is passively generated from data already on their smartphones e.g. Number of Apps on Smartphone
  2. Via direct questioning – Citizens are directly asked a question from which their answer becomes MeData e.g. Car Ownership – Do you own a car?
  3. Built from AI – By combining different MeData and direct questions, we develop insights that uncover deep psychographic data on Citizens e.g. OCEAN Big 5 Personality Type

Currently counting there are 45 different MeData available to clients, with more constantly being added, meaning there are limitless possibilities to the number of AI driven insights that can be created. This stack of MeData points is unique to CitizenMe.

As a Citizen you can see all your MeData clearly listed in the Dashboard section of the CitizenMe App. We are always explicit, transparent and ethical in the way we present what MeData is requested from our Citizens.

How to choose MeData, to enrich personal data

Business clients can use and benefit from ethical, deep and meaningful insights into Citizens by using MeData in Exchanges: either combining it with survey questions or without. These are easily selectable on the second step of creating an Exchange, online, with as many or as few as necessary. To check the pricing of MeData, simply select it and see the amount reflected in the calculator on the left side toolbar.

For Advertising Agencies, Public Relations firms and Brand Marketers MeData continues to deliver deeper, smarter insights than any other data tool at their disposal.  Many of our local and international clients have used MeData to win pitches, to drive their innovation pipelines, and to secure national and international news coverage. Every week we are seeing our clients use MeData in new ways to expedite decision-making and drive projects forward.

To see MeData in action, download the CitizenMe Case Study – How Challenger Banks Can Grow for free.

So what’s next?

With CitizenMe, transforming your approach to insight generation is fast, easy and flexible to fit your budget. With AI-driven data analysis backed into the platform and our uncompromising approach to personal data protection, you can be assured of world-class delivery and the highest of ethical standards in data use.

The Platform has been designed to be quick to use and learn, so join the movement and embrace the future of insight generation, a future in MeData.

We are always available to help you start and benefit from MeData, so please reach out for a free, no-obligation chat, and we will see what MeData can do for your business.


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