This is NOT a blog about GDPR…this is a blog about YOU.

This is NOT a blog about GDPR…this is a blog about YOU. 1920 1281 Alexia Keller

The 25th of May 2018 hailed the arrival of a new law in the EU that will impact pretty much everyone connected to the internet. It is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR )…sound familiar?

Seeing as this topic has been taking centre stage in European newsrooms and amongst privacy enthusiasts across the world, you may be sick and tired of hearing about it by now. But despite the relentless stream of emails and talks discussing this new law, it still manages to feel and sound very obscure, boring and overly complicated.

So let’s straighten things out and finally get to the bottom of the deep GDPR treasure chest… and most importantly, what it means for you!

So, what’s all the fuss about?

GDPR will better protect your rights to your personal data and how companies collect, store and use it.

In other words, it will…

  • Give you more power over your personal data
  • Punish companies that aren’t careful with your personal data or try to use it to exploit you
  • Make the internet safer for you and the people you care about

Basically, it enforces a lot of what CitizenMe represents and has been continuously fighting for:

You should have control over your data!

Who does it impact?


(Yes, you read that right!)

Any company which collects, stores or uses European Citizen’s personal data as well as any company that is based in the EU, must comply with GDPR. 

Not an EU Citizen? Well, if you use a company based in the EU, they still have to treat your personal data under GDPR, which is great news for you. It will also encourage companies outside the EU to embrace GDPR since it will make them look more ethical and be easier for them to treat everyone (EU or not) the same.

Pretty good news, don’t you think?

How does it impact you?

Top 7 ways GDPR is most likely to impact you:

  1. Make it easier for the law to protect you when it comes to your personal data, no matter whether you live in or out of the EU
    • How? Unifying a set of rules around data protection and forcing all companies within the EU and who handle EU citizen’s data to comply
  2. Will make your personal data safer
    • How? Requiring companies to improve their data security and imposing a fine of  €20 million or 4% of the organisation’s global turnover on them if they don’t
  3. Greater transparency of how your personal data is handled
    • How? Demands companies to justify why and how they collect, store and use your personal data
  4. More of your personal data is now protected by the law
    • Why? Personal data is now defined to include a wider range of information including your location, mobile device identity, IP address and morem which in the past were not considered personal data
  5. You can take precautions and actions quicker if your personal data is being misused
    • How? You must be informed by a company within 72 hours or less if a data breach has taken place, allowing you to react to the threat a lot quicker
  6. T&Cs, data requests and more will now become easier for you to read and understand
    • Why? Consent must always be asked in a clear, easily understandable way  for every use of your personal data.
  7. You’re in more control and have more power over your personal data than ever before!
    • How? You can request to have a copy of all personal data that a company holds on you at any time and you have the right to deletion

What’s next?

Great, so personal data protection and laws are done and dusted, right? We’ve solved the problem!

Well, not quite.

Lots of work remains to be done especially as new avenues in tech are creating completely new ways for personal data to be created, saved and used. But GDPR appears to be a promising first step. At the very least, it is making more people aware of the importance and value of their personal data.

Your personal data is spread all over the internet, stored by a multitude of companies and its quantity is likely to be more than what you would expect. GDPR will help you gain more rights over that personal data but it doesn’t help you get more value from it. That is where we come in.

By allowing you to engage with and exchange your personal data in a safe and ethical way, we enable you to unlock its full value. Through personal insights, exchanging data with organisations directly for cash rewards or donating it to charity, you are the one who benefits directly from your data. You’re in control at all times and finally have a way to reap the rewards of that personal data goldmine you created!

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