AI, CitizenMe and You: Introduction

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We are all now digital citizens: humans connected through a digital world. Our mission at CitizenMe is to empower all of us Citizens with the true value of our own data. On its own, our data is pretty dumb. For data to become truly valuable, it needs to be labelled to create information, and verified to reveal knowledge. We may then be able to discover insights and understand new truths. Knowledge and insights combine, with new data that we create, to unlock yet more knowledge. When this happens, the value of our data grows exponentially.

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This process is enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it’s the reason that so many big internet companies are so very keen for us to share all of our data with them (and happy for us to not understand what’s happening). Our personal data fuels the trillion-dollar digital economy but, as we don’t have access to the AI, we see very little of the true value. Meanwhile, with hacks and scams happening daily, we citizens take on all of the risk. This is a very bad deal. The system doesn’t work for the people that it has been created for, us: The system is broken.

Sustainable AI

We believe that the only way for the internet to become truly sustainable is for us all to have control and ownership of the value created by our own personal data. Value can take many forms: better self -understanding, customer experience, life decisions and health – or sharing it for fair reward, or donating it to a good cause. To unlock this value, a copy of your data must be distributed to you. Storage and access must be controlled by you. And, to create value from it, you must also have access to your own AI. An AI which does all the heavy-lifting to create value, for you.

With hundreds of thousands of Citizens joining the CitizenMe community, we now have critical mass to create the ‘good’ market. And many ‘good’ organisations are excited to be able to partner with us, Citizens, to make this new digital economy work: Companies with purpose; organisations centred on community; universities researching better human health; cooperatives run for their members; and big brands who seek to truly delight their customers. At CitizenMe we also provide powerful AI tools to these organisations to enable them to understand and serve you, the Citizen, far better. And Ethically.

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In this series of 7 blog posts, we explain what Artificial Intelligence does, why it’s so useful for us all, what we’re doing at CitizenMe – and what this means for you.

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StJohn Deakins

StJohn founded CitizenMe with the aim to take on the biggest challenge in the Information Age: helping digital citizens gain control of their digital identity. Personal data has meaning and value to everyone, but there is an absence of digital tools to help people realise its value. With CitizenMe, StJohn aims to fix that. With a depth of experience digitising and mobilising businesses, StJohn aims for positive change in the personal information economy. Oh… and he loves liquorice.

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