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CitizenMe App: The Personal Fair Exchange Engine

CitizenMe App: The Personal Fair Exchange Engine 1800 1200 Shaun Richards

At CitizenMe we empower people connected to the Internet with the value of their own data.  We believe that a global digital society will only function properly when humans have a personal and private copy of all of their data, and the many meanings that can be derived from it. All of us are now Digital Citizens. 

A full precision profile can only be achieved by having a 360º view of oneself, including all aspects of one’s life. This encompasses day-to-day health and wellness,  purchasing habits, relationships, lifestyle, activities, beliefs, values, and one’s personal situation and temporal context. 

Say hello to the CitizenMe app:

What can you expect from the CitizenMe app?

Decentralised data

CitizenMe doesn’t store any data within servers and everything stays on Citizens’ smartphones. This means we conform to all legal legislation on data protection.

Transparent consent

Citizens have control of their digital profile within the app and each Citizen can decide what they want to share, when and with whom.

Gamification of activities

There are many different ways for Citizens to update and provide their opinion/behaviours in the app. These range from personal insights, paid surveys, a coupon feed and fun engagement activities.

On-the-edge Algorithms

Using a smartphone’s own computing power, we have added algorithms directly within the app to help with personal recommendations and insights. This makes it easier and faster for clients to request personal insights from our Citizens.

Secure payment mechanisms

We pay Citizens securely with instant payments and vouchers via PayPal connection. This also has another benefit of providing a KYC check

‘CitizenData’ for Verification

We use CitizenData to verify elements such as country of residence via passive data from the Citizen’s sim card. This means we provide more accurate data to clients.

Continuously updating data

Citizens can update their data both via activities and within their ‘Me’ section on the app. However, much of the CitizenData is updated without Citizens even being asked a question!

Let’s take a look at some of the elements within the CitizenMe app!

A Simple and Efficient Onboarding Process

As a client, we want your potential collaborators/customers/Citizens to sign up and start giving you their opinions, so we’ve made the onboarding process take less than 2 minutes to complete. If you’d like a ‘deep’ link to send to your customers, to assist in downloading the CitizenMe app, please get in touch.

Fully Transparent and Consented Data

Trust, control and consent are fundamental rights when it comes to using someone’s data. Governments and agencies are always introducing more guidance and legislation to combat bad data practices. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has updated its guidelines, with the UK government assessing what should come next, and the US quickly catching up to Europe with their own versions of GDPR.

At CitizenMe we have ensured that transparency, control and consent are at the heart of every interaction that the Citizen makes. This is why we don’t collect data but instead we enable you to ‘request’ data – doing this each and every time!

Citizens Can Have Access to Their Digital Profile

Within the CitizenMe platform, we give Citizens the ability to always see their digital profile. We do this across various parts of the platform:

  • We carefully craft and produce insight outputs, giving Citizens an understanding of their data and how it will help them in the real world;
  • We provide them with a full profile of all the different data points that they have consented to;
  • We enable them to download a full JSON file of their data and to use it how they wish;
  • Additionally, if they choose to delete the app, this is their way of deleting their data profile without CitizenMe having any record of the data.

Take a look at our blog ‘The Amazing Power of CitizenData’ to understand why this is such a powerful feature.

Fast and Secure Payments In Exchange For Data

Other apps can have complicated point-to-payment systems, but we’re different because we pay Citizens instantly into their PayPal account. If clients cannot pay Citizens with ‘Cash’, we have an in-built voucher payment system where instead clients can use ‘Gifts’; perfect for government departments, charities and medical research!

This should give you a summary of some of the great features of the CitizenMe app, but don’t take our word for it, why not download the CitizenMe app today and join the community.

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