CitizenMe awarded the 2021 MyData Operator Award

CitizenMe awarded the 2021 MyData Operator Award 1300 647 Kathryn Braid

We’re a MyData Operator Winner for 2021, and we couldn’t be happier!

Why It Matters

Our MyData Operator Award has confirmed why we’re ‘an ethical data’ pioneer in the press. Our Zero-Party Data platform is unique. We are pleased to join an elite global group of 30 companies recognised for ethical data practices. 

The MyData Operator Award recognises companies that have shown leadership by empowering individuals to control their personal data (that’s us!). To demonstrate our commitment to ethical personal data management, we disclosed information about our operations for thorough scrutiny.

The MyData Operator Award shows that ethical alternatives exist and provide value for companies and users alike. Only a total of 30 companies and organisations have received the Award to date.

As highlighted by the ongoing Facebook Files scandal, transparency and accountability in personal data are increasingly important to customers and businesses alike. 

We believe tools created by service providers that empower people with real choices over their data are rapidly becoming the norm for personal data and digital services. The current situation is unsustainable both from a human and a market perspective, as recent publicity on incumbent platforms such as Facebook again illustrates. So, we celebrate those organisations that put people first.

Teemu Ropponen, General Manager of MyData Global

Ours is the only fully functioning Zero Data platform in the world in use by customers and businesses. We have completed over 7.5 million zero party data transactions (Wow!). Through our tech, customers regain data privacy and choice. Companies regain customers’ trust, safe in the knowledge they are ahead of data regulations.

Our Story So Far

Over the past few years, our app has helped over 370,000 digital Citizens take control of their data and get value from it. We assist businesses in transforming their insight and innovation practices using ethical, accurate data through our CitizenMe Marketplace Exchange portal. 

We value trust, and we’re working to put it at the centre of the business-consumer relationship.

We’ve already worked with some of the biggest global brands: Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Unilever, GSK, BBC, amongst many others. Our platform is the first choice for these brands because we focus on data ethics, transparency, and higher quality data. We are blazing the trail away from third-party data brokers and traditional research companies.

We put the money we spend on the platform back where it belongs: with our Citizens. We are the only business paying Citizens immediately (within seconds!) for every question they answer, and every data item exchanged. 

Need more information about the MyData Operator Award? 

The MyData Operator Award, launched in 2020, reflects the rising demand for a more ethical approach to personal data.

For MyData Operator 2021 status:

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