Data Sharing and Rewards: Prize Draw & Findings

Data Sharing and Rewards: Prize Draw & Findings 1024 566 Greer Hahn

To everyone who participated in our recent survey, ‘Data Sharing and Rewards’, we’d like to say a sincere thank you! Your insights, opinions and preferences are helping us to build more than an app – we’re building a whole new way for you to benefit from your own data. We’ll be sharing exciting updates and previews of what to expect in the coming weeks and months, so watch this space!

Research Group

For those of you who signed up to join our research group, expect an email from us in the next few days. We’ll be sharing the key findings from the ‘Data Sharing and Rewards’ survey directly with you. The findings reveal how we all feel about data sharing, what inspires confidence, and also the primary concerns as we shift into a citizen-centric data economy.

Prize Draw

Who better to conduct a fair and transparent prize draw than a human rights lawyer? We asked Barrister Jonathan Price from Doughty Street Chambers in London to do the honours of randomly selecting our winner.

…and the winner is…(drum roll)

…Karsten Planz, from Germany!

Here’s what Karsten had to say when we got in touch to tell him he’d won the $500 prize draw:

“I just can’t believe it, this is amazing!”

Congrats Karsten! Soon we will all be able to realise the value of our data.


Photo credit: Didier Weemaels

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