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The Only Insights Marketplace For You To Request Trusted Human Data

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It’s here, the biggest update to our CitizenMe Marketplace!

We’re continuing our mission to give everyone better insights and deeper knowledge from human data, with the next evolution of our Marketplace. We’ve made it easier to get to the rapid data answers that you need to reduce risk and to grow, whilst introducing a new Data Snapshot tier which is free to access.

There’s never been a better time to take a fresh look at what’s possible with the benefits of our zero-party data Marketplace. Build brand loyalty and customer trust. Discover deeper trends and decision-making habits with access to previously unreachable data. All sourced ethically, always available, in one powerful platform.

Read more here in our latest blog post about the release.

So, what is new?

Here’s a quick summary of our latest updates:

  • New subscription tiers – pick the tier that suits your company’s goals
  • Improved dashboard and survey creation UX/UI – creating and launching surveys has never been so easy
  • Improved platform requests – access 150 million people via partner panels or ask CitizenMe for expert help
  • Improved top-up and billing – account top-ups, invoices and voucher payments, all in one place
  • Improved user levels – structure the right user level to support your team
  • Even more CitizenData – access even more unreachable data from Citizens.

Read on to understand in more detail these exciting new updates to the CitizenMe Marketplace…

Subscription tiers suited for all companies

Our new subscription tiers are:

Data Snapshot

Get started for free and only pay for what you use. It’s perfect for exploring the platform and quick access to small audiences with simple data requirements.

  • Single user account
  • Up to 10 questions
  • Survey CitizenData only

Deeper Insight

Great for always-on access to deeper CitizenData and insights from thousands of global respondents. Bigger audiences, better data and analysis.

  • Team account
  • Up to 50 questions
  • Access all CitizenData


Perfect for the biggest organisations or those looking for a customisable platform for complex research projects. Everything unlocked, plus regular training.

  • Multi-team account
  • Unlimited questions
  • Access all CitizenData

Take a look at our subscription tier pricing structure to suit you and your team.

How have we made the CitizenMe Marketplace better?

We’ve been busy designing, testing, and building. Then designing, testing, and building; the cycle has gone on. What we’ve now created is something CitizenMe can claim, hand-on-heart, is a leading Marketplace platform for insights, from true human data.

1. Understand and monitor via the improved ‘Home Dashboard’

For all subscription tiers, your home dashboard has even more features and ways to understand how to use the platform. So this is what you can expect to see:

  • Check out your live, scheduled, draft and closed surveys. Use the filters and action button to copy or edit. Access the analysis dashboard to understand your results from each survey sent out
  • Top up your account balance
  • See the latest news and information
  • Use our knowledge base to understand the platform better

Know how many surveys you have available for that month (Data snapshot only).

2. Build & launch your perfect survey

We’ve been listening to all the feedback from our loyal customers about how you can make the creation of a survey easier, so you receive the best insights possible. This is what you can expect to see:

  • Improved flows for choosing between reaching out to Citizens or connecting with one of our partner panels
  • New survey dashboard, helping you build your survey one step at a time
  • Improved audience selection
  • Signposting to help give you more information throughout

Depending on your subscription tier, you’ll have access to certain features. You can easily upgrade to gain the full benefits of the Marketplace platform.

3. Request support within the Marketplace platform

We’re moving all requests into the Marketplace platform. We want to make it easy for you to communicate with CitizenMe and to have one of our expert teams help you with your projects. So this is what you can request:

  • You can upgrade to gain access to all the benefits of the platform 
  • On the off chance we don’t have enough Citizens with 360º data to complete your project, simply request your required audience from over 150 million traditional research respondents worldwide

Request expert help from our friendly and helpful CitizenMe consulting team (Deeper insights and Tailor-Made only).

4. Top-up and billing all-in-one-place

Financial admin can be cumbersome: knowing how to pay for your project, downloading invoices and keeping a record of what has been added or spent – especially if you support multiple teams. So this is what you can expect to see:

  • Top up your account to pay for your surveys and support. You can do this via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal
  • An easy table of spend in and spend out, with downloadable invoices
  • Use vouchers as ‘Gifts’ instead of instant cash payments. Request and pay for all this through the platform.

5. User levels to suit the structure of your team

In every organisation, there’s a structure of the level of accountability you want each team member to have. Take a look at the different user levels we provide:

This subscription type will have access to one account and one user and will automatically be account admin.

This subscription type will have access to one account and 30 users and have 3 users types: account admin, team leader and researcher.

This subscription type will have access to unlimited accounts and 50 users per account and have 4 users types: super admin, account admin, team leader and researcher.

Even more unreachable CitizenData

Our powerful app enables you to request a huge variety of CitizenData that you cannot reach anywhere else. Read our blog on the power of CitizenData, to understand how you can take your insights to the next level!

That’s a wrap on everything coming in our next release. However, this is just the beginning of the beautiful journey we are on as we roll out the Marketplace platform fit for a Web3 world.

Sign up today to try out a ‘Data Snapshot’ account and check out our amazing new features.