Value yourself. It’s more than just money.

Value yourself. It’s more than just money. 1024 565 Ryan Garner

citizenme was featured in the Financial Times yesterday. The article entitled “Sell your own personal data” examines platforms like citizenme that help digital citizens gain value from their personal data. The FT commented:

The creation of a marketplace in personal data would represent a significant shift in the balance of power between individuals and companies that gather data, such as internet search providers and supermarket groups.

When the new version of the citizenme app goes live, users will be able to gain monetary value for their personal data. This is an important step in the rebalancing of the personal information economy. This rebalancing is not only about receiving money for data. Arguably, a more important benefit is using this data in different areas of our lives. We are already providing personal insights, using Cambridge University’s Magic Sauce API, to our users in the form of personality traits.

There is so much more we will be rolling out in 2016. Our partnership with Sheffield University is progressing well. We are developing a Bayesian neural network which will be overlaid on users personal data repository. This will continually surface new insights as new data is added to the network.

And then there’s no reason why (in the future) we cannot provide a personal data API for our users. When personal data (and insights) are portable, citizens can make better decisions in all areas of their life.

You can read the full FT article here

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