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How We Help Advertising Agencies Win

How We Help Advertising Agencies Win 640 421 Alexia Keller

Unlocking Deeper And Richer Data On Key Audiences

Our Approach

In the world of advertising competition is tough and standing-out requires a cut-through point of difference. These points of difference have recently ranged from creative approach to the mechanics of process, time and pricing plays and leaning on rare partner experience. However, a recent shift towards demonstrating deep social and behavioural insights, early in the pitch process, has meant a rapid investment in unearthing data pockets by many agencies. This focus on deep insight demonstration has been seized upon by Media Agencies too, with many citing the need to invest more in data knowledge development, particularly for frontline colleagues. Data, and data driven insights, are no longer the preserve of a select few, rather there is a growing client expectation that creatives, account management and leadership can talk, and walk, the data insight line.

At CitizenMe we have been instrumental in helping many Advertising, PR and Media customers stand out from the crowd by providing them with deep, rich and ethical data; driving business decisions, helping them win pitches and empowering the width of their businesses to embrace insight generation in the moment.

And now, we want to help you gain a genuinely better understanding of what makes your customers’ customers tick. We can do this by providing you with cost-effective, fast and user friendly interaction opportunities with our global network of connected Citizens, harnessing Citizen’s MeData.  

CitizenMe’s research platform enables you to:

  • Win more client pitches by supplying you with validated and deeper insights using self-reported, third party verified and AI evaluated actionable connections
  • The ability to create and interact with key audiences over time, receiving continuous consumer feedback, using our custom Communities tool
  • Strengthen your company’s innovation process by testing visual, video or written concept and ad ideas in a live environment; this results in rapid iteration and can be combined with co-creation
  • Rigorous pre and post campaign analytics – checking changes in key perception indicators at a local, national or transnational scale
  • Identifying most effective communication channels to reach a target audience(s) by pinpointing which channels they communicate more readily in, and even offering insights into tone and approach

The Process

Interact with real people at every stage of your creative and planning process. Understand them better and you will wow your clients with concept-proof pitches.

Using CitizenMe tools to your benefit is easy and will get you immediate results

Creating Exchanges:

  • Go out and test your assumptions, concepts and ideas. Build a set of questions in minutes and you will get feedback from your selected audience in a live environment
  • To truly delve into the power of AI-driven data analytics, select MeData as part of your Exchange (survey) and start exploring the rich insights it can bring you

Creating Communities:

  • Communities enable you to create meaningful relationships with the Citizens who matter most to you. Get instant and ongoing insights by talking with the same self-elected group of Citizens over a period of time
    • This tool is great when testing ongoing advertising ideas for the same client or seeking pre and post campaign feedback. Additionally you are able to reward these advocates directly
  • You are also able to reach out to your own clients’ databases and request they onboard into your Community (or your clients community) by sending a simple liviation link. Again, self-selection and 100% GDPR compliant
  • Meet and agree on a possible revenue share option which pays back on-boarded citizens if they are used in other exchanges, so agencies will begin to have use of a platform which pays for itself; eventually becoming a new revenue stream

Innovation research: 

  • Chat to us and we will introduce you to a unique way of approaching your innovation process. Integrating a Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) approach with CitizenMe’s suite of services can allow you greater focus, efficiency and structure. We have developed our own JTBD which provides KPI’s which you can use for your own strategic planning, forecasting and board reports.

With our self-service platform, you can truly tailor the power of our tools to your needs – its simple and we offer unlimited email support so you are never left wondering what to click or do next.

The Results

The Exchange Platform is a powerful tool which will bring you real-time responses with the 5 V’s of Big Data; Veracity, Velocity, Volume, Variety and Value. Don’t just take our word for it, look at the results we have had so far for our Advertising partners & Brand owners.

  • Challenger bank Tandem approached CitizenMe to help them find new business opportunities in a cost-effective and modulable way. Working closely together, we combined a JTBD approach with the tools of the CitizenMe platform to provide them with concept validation and long term strategy insights with a clear roadmap of delivery. The CEO uses our JTBD in every investor presentation he makes.Find out more
  • Leading advertising agency OMD turned to CitizenMe when looking to redefine audiences for a new campaign. Making use of both survey data and MeData, OMD gained new understanding of their client’s audiences, unlocking new advertising opportunities.Find out more
  • A retailer created a Community to build an understanding of their consumers shopping habits, primarily surrounding special occasions to better understand shopping habits and expose what wasn’t being bought and why

Want to unlock opportunities and try the CitizenMe platform? Sign up for Free and start an Exchange in minutes.

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