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We are honoured to have been selected for Wonk Bridge’s upcoming article ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’. As part of Wonk Bridge’s article, CitizenMe’s piece will showcase the ways in which people and start-ups are looking to change the current state of data disenfranchisement. You can read how we are disrupting a million dollar businesses or watch the video link.

How did CitizenMe come about?

After selling a mobile internet business, StJohn Deakins realised that he wanted to create something with purpose. One of the biggest things he saw that could become a potential crisis is what happens with personal data in a world that is becoming rapidly digital – where everything becomes digitally connected. 

He understood that the fuel for that is personal data, which creates algorithms, which then makes the world work. Yet, there is a major question about where that data sits and who holds it to create those algorithms. 

So, CitizenMe is about empowering all of us individually with our own data and shifting some of those algorithms towards you, so you get personal insights first. You are then able to transact those insights, if you choose to, and choose what type of value you get back. Some of these include a cash transaction, donating data, using data for medical research, and interacting and participating to make app and services better. 

This is just the first bit of our story, so watch out for the next bit! You can watch the clip here.

Join us as a Citizen or Client today! If you have any questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@citizenme.com.